Task group established for Rugby League World Cup bid

Warrington hosted Samoa in 2013
Warrington hosted Samoa in 2013
Published: Thursday, 19th April 2018

Leading figures in business, culture and sport have come together to begin working on a bid for Warrington to be a host for the Rugby League World Cup 2021.

The sixteenth staging of the World Cup will be held across England, with a task group in Warrington established to give the town the best chance of hosting again.


Warrington has already expressed an interest in hosting men’s, women’s and wheelchair rugby as part of the tournament, and previously hosted the Samoan national team in 2013.


Paul Taylor, Managing Director of Taylor Business Park and task group chair, said: “Our initial meetings have made clear that group members bring the ideal blend of enthusiasm and expertise for the bid.


“The Rugby League World Cup isn’t just for rugby fans – it’s also about the legacy these tournaments bring and is a great platform to bring Warrington’s communities together.


Being a host for the tournament would be a huge boost for the town and the timing is perfect as the Time Square Regeneration Scheme will be completed by then as well.”


Karl Fitzpatrick, CEO of Warrington Wolves, said: “I’m sure many Warringtonians will remember the enthusiasm and infectious energy the Samoan national team brought when we hosted them in 2013.


“Not to mention the memorable games that took place at the Halliwell Jones – perhaps most notably the epic clash between New Zealand and Samoa.


“We look forward to bidding again to create more sporting memories for Warrington in 2021.”



The members of Warrington’s Rugby League World Cup task group are:


Paul Taylor - Managing Director, Taylor Business Park and chair of the task group

Karl Fitzpatrick – CEO, Warrington Wolves

Professor Steven Broomhead – Vice Chairman Warrington Wolves and Chief Executive at Warrington Borough Council

Rachel McQueen - Tourism Director, Marketing Cheshire

Dave Thompson – CEO, Warrington Disability Partnership

Steve Park – Managing Director, Warrington & Co.

Neil Kelly – Foundation Director, Warrington Wolves Foundation

Emma Hutchinson – Managing Director, LiveWire and Culture Warrington