Curfew for false Council Tax Support claim

Published: Monday, 21st May 2018

An Orford woman has been sentenced to a 16-week curfew after fraudulently claiming more than £1,600 in Council Tax Support payments.

Warrington Borough Council brought a prosecution against Emma Peacey aged 37, of Derek Avenue, and she pleaded guilty at Warrington magistrates court on 9th May. Mrs Peacey admitted dishonestly claiming Council Tax Support on 12th September 2013. She stated that she was a single parent - a statement that was untrue as at that time she was married and living with Mr Lee Peacey.

The Council Tax Support overpayment raised for this offence amounted to £1,627.69.

Mrs Peacey had originally been offered a financial penalty for committing the offence as an alternative to being prosecuted and gaining a criminal record. Mrs Peacey had accepted this, however she then failed to pay the penalty although she had been given several opportunities and it had been explained clearly the consequences of non-payment.

The magistrates sentenced Mrs Peacey to a curfew from the hours of 9pm – 6am for 16 weeks which started immediately. She was also fined £85 victim surcharge along with costs of £500. Mrs Peacey was also ordered to repay the original overpayment in full.