Show you care about air

CAD18 Published: Tuesday, 19th June 2018

Local people of all ages are being encouraged to help make Warrington’s air cleaner.

Warrington Borough Council is supporting Clean Air Day 2018, which takes place on Thursday, 21 June.

Clean Air Day is the nationwide air quality awareness day, organised by the behaviour-change charity Global Action Plan. It gives people the chance to find out more about air pollution, share information with friends and colleagues, and help make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone.

The Council has just launched its five-year, 17-point Air Quality Action Plan, as part of its work to protect Warrington’s environment, enhance the quality of air that we breathe and help improve the health of local people. 

Now, the council is asking residents to support the Clean Air campaign by thinking about what small lifestyle changes they could make to help improve the quality of the air we breathe.
Much of our air pollution is caused by the large volume of traffic on our roads. Steps people could take to make a difference on Clean Air Day include:

•    Walk or cycle instead of driving. Not only does this save money but also improves your general health. Do you need to drive your kids to school or could you walk with them instead? 

•    Use public transport. Why not consider going by bus or by train instead of the car?

•    Car share. Many car journeys only have one occupant. Consider car share for the journey to work. It reduces cost and is more social. 

Warrington Borough Council’s executive board member for environment, Cllr Judith Guthrie, said: “Air quality impacts on everyone, so it’s vital that we continue to raise awareness of pollution, work together to develop solutions and take a personal responsibility for addressing the challenges.
“Clean Air Day is a great way of highlighting the issues, and getting people to think about the part they can play in improving air quality. As such, it supports our work, through ou Air Quality Action Plan. to protect the health and wellbeing of our residents. I’d urge everyone to get involved.”

For more information about Clean Air Day 2018 and how you can get involved, visit You can also help spread the word on social media by using #CleanAirDay 

Notes to editors

•    The council has formally adopted its new Air Quality Action Plan, which aims to reduce nitrogen dioxide levels within the main, busy traffic routes leading into and around the town - and where possible to deliver wider improvements across Warrington.

•    The 17-point plan includes some firm, immediate actions, such as an increased focus on sustainable transport, encouraging cleaner fuels and electric vehicles, new cycling and walking links, and an intelligent transport system. Other proposed actions are to explore the potential for feasibility studies, such as looking into the potential of Clean Air Zones.