Get your blood pressure checked and keep your heart happy

Know Your Numbers Published: Monday, 10th September 2018

Free and easy blood pressure checks are on offer to Warrington residents this week (10-16 September) as part of national ‘Know Your Numbers! Week’.

High blood pressure has no obvious symptoms, which means that an estimated one in nine people in Warrington are living with the dangers but don’t know it. Half of strokes and heart attacks are linked to high blood pressure, which also increases the risk of kidney disease and dementia.

This week pharmacies across the borough will become ‘Pressure Stations’ as part of the national campaign led by Blood Pressure UK and supported locally by Warrington Borough Council and Warrington NHS CCG. 

Cllr Maureen McLaughlin, the council’s executive board member for public health and wellbeing, said: “Blood pressure checks really can save your life. And they are quick and painless too. 

“High blood pressure is a largely preventable and treatable condition, but it contributes to the leading causes of death. Having your blood pressure checked is an important step to knowing and reducing your risk of stroke, heart attack or heart failure.” 

The following local pharmacies are offering free blood pressure checks. 

•    Corker’s Pharmacy, 14-16 Buttermarket Street, Warrington
•    Superdrug Pharmacy, Unit 3, Cockhedge Way, Cockhedge Shopping Centre
•    Lloyds Pharmacy, 22 Manchester Road, Woolston
•    Lloyds Pharmacy, 1 Station Road, Padgate, Warrington
•    Green Cross Pharmacy, 1 Allen Street, Warrington
•    Lloyds Pharmacy, 52 Earl Street, Warrington
•    Orford Pharmacy, 45 Cotswold Road, Orford
•    Tims & Parker Pharmacy, Culcheth Clinic, Jackson Avenue, Culcheth
•    Rowlands Pharmacy, 3 Thelwall Lane, Latchford
•    Lloyds Pharmacy, Unit 1 The Forge Stockton Heath
•    Thomas Brown Pharmacy, 51 London Road, Stockton Heath
•    Rowlands Pharmacy, Folly Lane, Bewsey

Hemini Bharadia from Blood Pressure UK said: “Know Your Numbers! Week is the perfect opportunity to have your blood pressure taken for free and put you in control of your health. Make sure to spread the message to the rest of your family too, as high blood pressure does not discriminate by age or gender.”

Warrington Borough Council is also offering free blood pressure checks via a Wellpoint health kiosk located at The Gateway, Sankey Street, until 10 October 2018. 

Blood Pressure UK has the following top five tips for a healthy blood pressure’. 

1.    Cut down on salt – Reducing your salt intake is the quickest way to lower your blood pressure.  Don’t add it when cooking or at the table, avoid using stock cubes, gravy and soy sauce, check food labels and avoid processed foods high in salt – aim to eat less than 6g a day. 
2.    Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables – at least five different portions every day. 
3.    Watch your weight – try to reach the right weight for your height. 
4.    Exercise regularly – and if you are unsure about taking up exercise, ask your GP. 
5.    Drink alcohol in moderation. 

More information

Blood Pressure UK is the UK’s leading blood pressure charity working to lower the nation’s blood pressure to prevent disability and death from stroke and heart disease. The charity provides information and support for people with high blood pressure and raises awareness to prevent the condition. Blood Pressure UK is the operating name of the Blood Pressure Association, charity reg. 1058944.