Don’t forget to register

Register Published: Monday, 8th October 2018

Households who have not yet replied to the annual canvass will be receiving a visit from today, Monday.

80% of households have so far responded, almost 10% higher than last year, but there is a legal requirement for all households to reply. The quickest methods to respond to the form are by going online or replying by SMS.


Each year Warrington Borough Council sends out household enquiry forms to every address in the borough – more than 90,000 homes. Householders are required by law to provide the information requested on the form. For those who have not yet responded online or by post will receive a personal visit to validate household information.


Ultimately, anyone refusing to register can face a fine of up to £1,000 and a criminal record.


Professor Steven Broomhead, chief executive at Warrington Borough Council, said: “We have to ensure that the electoral register is up to date and I’d like to thank the majority of households who have responded to the canvass in good time.


“It’s particularly important that anyone who has recently moved house checks they are registered with the correct information.


“Households that have not yet confirmed their details can save any unnecessary disturbance from canvass door-knockers by responding to the enquiry forms.”


If your name is not listed on the form but you think you are eligible to vote, you must do two things: respond to the enquiry form and register yourself online at


Householders are asked:

•             the name and nationality of everyone aged 16 or over;

•             whether there are any residents who are not eligible to vote, and why;

•             whether their nationality has changed;

•             if they are now over 76 years old;

•             to cross out the name(s) of anyone listed on the form who is no longer living at the address; and

•             to include contact information if they wish to.


Further information is available at