Free NHS Health Checks available

health checks Published: Monday, 21st January 2019

Warrington Borough Council is encouraging residents to take advantage of a free NHS health check as part of a national scheme.

If you are aged between 40-74 years, an NHS Health check is available free of charge. This free NHS Health Check can help identify if you are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and (certain types) of dementia, and help you lower that risk.

People who are eligible will receive an invitation to attend an appointment at their GP Practice every five years. Patients with a pre-existing health condition will not be invited but should be having regular medical reviews with their GP.

Warrington residents who are eligible will be able to receive their free NHS health check over four Saturdays, starting from Saturday 26 January 2019, in Warrington Town Centre.

The Council has arranged for a health improvement bus to be situated at Hilden Square, Sankey Street (near Specsavers) for health workers to carry out NHS Health checks between 10am – 4pm on the following dates:

  • Saturday 26 January
  • Saturday 2 February
  • Saturday 9 February
  • Saturday 16 February

If you are not eligible for the full NHS Health Check, it may still be worth dropping in, as you will be able to receive tips on how to improve your health and wellbeing through simple lifestyle changes.

Everyone is at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and some forms of dementia. The good news is that these conditions can often be prevented, even if you have a history of them in your family. Having your free NHS Health Check will prepare you better for the future and help you take steps to maintain or improve your health.

The check will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete and you will be asked some simple questions about family history and lifestyle choices which may put your health at risk. Your height, weight, age, sex and ethnicity will also be recorded. The checks will also include having your blood pressure taken and a simple blood test to check your cholesterol.

Once these checks have been completed, your results will be explained and you will be given personalised advice on how to lower your risk of developing a serious condition and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Some people may be referred back to their GP for further tests, or to receive treatment or prescribed medication to help you improve and maintain your health.

Cllr Maureen McLaughlin, executive board member for public health and wellbeing, said: “The NHS Health Check provides a real opportunity for people to take control of their own health and improve their lifestyle. Even if you are feeling well, it’s worth having the check-up as health professionals will work with you to lower your chances of developing serious health problems in the future.”

Ian Cox, Centre Director at Golden Square Shopping Centre, said: “We’re really pleased to be welcoming Warrington Borough Council to the Old Market Place with the health improvement bus.

“It’s that time of year when people are thinking about their health more following the new year, so it’s a great time for this offer to be available to people aged 40-74 in Warrington. We hope our shoppers take advantage of the services over the four Saturdays.”

Drop-in to any of the sessions or if it’s more convenient call 0800 952 1000 to make an appointment. If you are unable to attend the health improvement bus on these dates, people aged 40-74 years who are eligible, will be sent an invitation from their GP Practice every five years.

We would encourage everybody who receives their invitation to go along and have their NHS Health Check. If you think you may be entitled to a one and do not receive an invitation contact your GP Practice who will be able to advise you.

If you are outside the stated age range but are concerned about your health, you should contact your GP. More information can be found at