Clamp down on illegal waste

Warrington Borough Council Published: Monday, 29th April 2019

Warrington is continuing its crack down on people who illegally dispose of waste, with two successful prosecutions.

Dane Povey, 31, of Smithfields Street, St Helens was prosecuted for not holding a waste carrier license. 

Mr Povey was stopped in Dallam, during a multi-agency operation by Cheshire Police, while transporting a quantity of waste in the back of a white van. He was dealt with by Warrington Borough Council’s environmental crime officers.

He was given seven days to provide his waste carriers licence which he failed to do and was issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice for £300, which he did not pay.

The Council prosecuted Mr Povey who was found guilty in his absence at Warrington Magistrates Court. He was fined £660 plus £66 victim surcharge and costs were awarded in the amount of £425. A 28 day collection order was given.

Members of the public who employ someone to move their waste for them also have a responsibility to ensure that whoever is removing the waste is registered. Failure to do so can lead to prosecution, a fine or even a criminal record if they don’t take reasonable measures to meet their duty of care. 

In another case, the Council received a report from a member of the public, who spotted a man fly-tipping from a vehicle on Silver Lane, Birchwood Warrington at lunch time one Saturday in 2018.  

The fly-tipper was observed unloading the car boot of children’s toys, flower plots and other garden waste. On seeing the witness, he vacated the scene.

The Environmental Crime Team served a notice on the registered keeper of the vehicle - Jennifer Hill, 28, of Heather Close, Birchwood - to ask her who was driving the vehicle at the time of the fly-tipping.

Although Ms Hill didn’t provide the identity of the fly-tipper, Ms Hill was subsequently prosecuted for not providing those details. Ms Hill pleaded guilty in Warrington Magistrates Court and received a £120 fine, plus £30 victim surcharge and costs awarded in the amount of £350.

Cllr Judith Guthrie, executive board member for Public Protection said, “These two cases are the latest examples of the work we’re doing to clamp down on people whose irresponsible actions blight the streets of our borough. We will always take action against people who are operating without the correct licenses or fly-tipping in our communities.

“The public can make a real difference by providing our Environmental Crime Team with information about those fly-tipping or disposing of waste illegally.”