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Man prosecuted for fly-tipping in Burtonwood

Wbc logo b w Published: Tuesday, 18th June 2019

Man pleads guilty to fly-tipping offence in Burtonwood from December 2017.

Daniel Murray, 35, of St Peters Way, St Helens, has pleaded guilty to a fly-tipping offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Mr Murray was fined £113 with a £30 victim surcharge and costs were awarded at £500.

The conviction was received after a resident of Broad Lane, Burtonwood noticed a pile of boxes left in a layby opposite their home on 3 December 2017. The resident checked her CCTV and witnessed a man using a white Ford Transit hire van pull up to the layby at 8.50am that day.

The CCTV showed a man walking around the other side of the vehicle. On returning to the van and driving away, a pile of boxes was revealed which were not there previous to the incident.

Using the CCTV evidence from the resident, authorities were able to make a data protection request to the local hire firm the van was from. The firm checked their records for details on who was in control of the hire van at the time of the incident.

Using the van’s tracker, the firm and authorities were able to identify Mr Murray as the driver and fly-tipper. Mr Murray was invited to attend an interview under caution, but he didn’t respond. When attending court on 5 June, he pleaded guilty to the offence.

Cllr Judith Guthrie said: “This is another successful conviction of a fly-tipping offence in Warrington.

“Fly-tipping not only blights our environment, but impacts on our communities. Illegally disposing of waste is unacceptable and we will take action against people who fail to dispose of their waste using the proper methods.”

You can report incidents of fly-tipping on the Warrington Borough Council website.