Warning over fly-tipping in historic area

Hermitage Green Lane Published: Tuesday, 23rd July 2019

Warrington Borough Council is pledging to take firm action against anyone caught dumping rubbish in an historic area in Winwick – and is asking for the public’s help.

The council is beginning a new clampdown on fly-tipping in the Hermitage Green area, the site of the Battle of Winwick in 1684, which has been designated an historic asset by English Heritage.

Recent months have seen a small number of irresponsible individuals continually blighting the area by illegally dumping large amounts of waste on Hermitage Green Lane, including household items, electrical goods and car parts. The council, working with probation service users, has carried out a number of clean ups of the site, which is challenging due to the nearby slope. 

Now, the council will be monitoring the area closely, and gathering all evidence from dumped waste which helps identify the people responsible. Anyone caught will face a fine of up to £50,000.

Local people are being asked to help, by remaining vigilant, and providing as much detail as possible about anyone they spot fly-tipping.

Residents can also help combat fly-tipping – on Hermitage Green Lane and across Warrington – by asking questions of anyone who offers to dispose of their waste, and by checking the individuals’ credentials, including the waste carriers’ registration number.

Some people, posing as legitimate waste removal companies, simply collect household waste and fly-tip it onto streets and green spaces. Householders are responsible for ensuring their waste is disposed of properly, and could face a fine if fly-tipped rubbish is traced back to them.

Warrington Borough Council’s cabinet member for environment and public protection, Cllr Judith Guthrie, said: “These disgusting fly-tipping instances in the historic area of Hermitage Green Lane are an example of the huge impact this irresponsible behaviour can have on communities.

“Clearing this fly -tipping, due to the behaviour of a selfish minority, is a massive waste of resources, at a time when council services are already under severe strain.

“We are sending out a clear message to those fly-tipping on Hermitage Green Lane – and in all other parts of Warrington – that it will not be tolerated. There are a range of measures we use to tackle this problem, and we will have no hesitation in using the full weight of the law against environmental criminals.

“You can help us by providing us with as much information as possible about any fly-tipping you witness. Our Environmental Crime Team reviews every report– but we need you to provide us with the most detailed information you can, to help us find and take action against the perpetrators.

“It’s also important that you check carefully that the company or individual who is disposing of your waste is registered to do so. If you don’t, you could be liable for any fly-tipping that occurs. This isn’t just about helping us protect the environment, it’s about protecting yourself too.”

You can report incidents of fly-tipping at warrington.gov.uk/flytipping