Text: Better By Bus! Explore Warrington by bus.

The major improvements to Warrington’s bus service are continuing, with enhanced timetables, cheaper fares, and no limits for concessionary pass holders until July 2023.

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The improvements, which began in Summer 2022 with the ‘Super Summer Service’ scheme, followed by the launch of the ‘Better By Bus’ campaign in Autumn last year, is being extended throughout the Summer.

Funded by Local Transport Fund and Bus Service Improvement Plan money allocated to the council by the Department for Transport, the Better By Bus scheme aims to transform travel for all residents and visitors who are commuting, running errands, or visiting friends and family.

As part of the scheme, bus users can benefit from enhanced timetables, with more frequent buses every day and throughout the evening, making the bus a much better, easier, and convenient choice for people looking to travel in and around Warrington.

All services also have cheaper fares, with a single ticket to any destination within Warrington – on any Warrington’s Own Buses, Arriva, Go North West or Link Network bus – costing a maximum £2 on any route.

There are also no restrictions on when concessionary pass holders can use their pass. People who catch the bus from a Warrington bus stop do not have to wait until 9.30am on weekdays for their pass to be valid, they can get on-board and travel for free at any time of day, seven days a week.

The latest set of improvements also include reintroduction of the evening Warrington to St Helens 329 bus service for the first time since the early 2000’s.

These improvements form part of Warrington’s Bus Service Improvement Plan, which aims to improve bus services to encourage people to swap the car for the bus.

Cllr Hans Mundry, cabinet member for transportation, highways and public realm, said: “We have been working hard with our local transport partners to implement changes and improvements to our bus network to ensure that bus users get the best experience possible.

“Since last summer, when the first round of bus service improvements began, bus usage in Warrington has increased as a result of the evening enhancements and the national fare trial. It’s been fantastic to see people take advantage of the big benefits and improved service that this scheme has provided, so I’m delighted that these improvements are continuing.”

There will be further Better By Bus improvements past the summer period, so residents should continue to look out for changes as we strive to deliver a first-class bus network that people can count on.


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