A message from Council Leader, Russ Bowden and Chief Executive, Professor Steven Broomhead.

There has been a heartening response from the public in wanting to support the most vulnerable in our community. Here in Warrington we have approximately 2,600 people receiving care and support in the community. We are doing all we can to avoid disruption to this care that they receive, which keeps them safe and well. Our priorities are:

  • Keeping the most vulnerable people safe and well at home
  • Ensuring people can get out of hospital in a timely way, so that the most poorly can go in and be cared for

This week the government is asking us to focus, with our health colleagues, on emptying the hospital  of everyone who does not need to be there to release capacity to manage the virus by Friday. This will in turn impact on the care we can provide to our existing service users and significant change is required to how we operate front line services.

Our care providers are working now with families, service users and other carers to reduce or change care plans so they can prioritise supporting people home from hospital and our most vulnerable residents. We expect, wherever possible, people will make their own arrangements with family and friends and we anticipate that all non-essential care visits will stop so we can prioritise care to those who have no other means of support. We ask for your understanding and support as our key services continue to respond to an ever-changing landscape.

In the past couple of days we have made our plans to support the very vulnerable who require additional protection as they have to remain at home for the next few months. For those who have requested help, we are mobilising support from the council, the voluntary sector and the taxi trade (ABBA/ Direct).

In the meantime, you can support us and our most vulnerable by following the clear, updated national guidance. You should now stay at home by default. You should now only leave the house to:

  • Shop for basic and essential necessities like food and medicine
  • Do one form of exercise a day, like a walk, run or cycle
  • Receive any medical treatment or provide care/ help to a vulnerable person
  • Travel to and from work, but only where work absolutely can’t be done at home

The curbs are strict, but they will be necessary to stop the spread of the virus. We all have to play our part to beat the bug.