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The final consultation phase on the Westy low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) scheme will launch on Monday 24 April until Monday 22 May, with the council using this feedback to determine the future of the existing trial scheme.

The LTN scheme in Westy has been altered during the trial period, with the council responding to public feedback so far by:

  • Removing planters at the north end of Griffiths Street
  • Extending the one-way route on Reynolds Street from Davies Avenue to Tinsley Street, relieving pressure on Longdin Street
  • Removing bollards on Reynolds Street to allow coaches to pick up from both local schools (Alderman Bolton and St. Augustines) without issue
  • Restoring two-way traffic along Broadbent Avenue

This final consultation, which will inform an ultimate decision about the Westy LTN – whether it will remain, be altered, or removed entirely - is an important last opportunity for communities to have their say.

Residents will be able to take part in the survey when it launches by visiting warrington.gov.uk/central-6-streets-plan

As well as asking whether the scheme will remain or be removed entirely it will also ask for views on a potential alternative option which would use cameras to restrict through traffic but allow unlimited access for residents living inside the Westy Low Traffic Neighbourhood area. This would require the council to obtain powers to undertake the enforcement of this from the government.

This consultation in Westy comes as the council has also responded to public feedback on the proposed Orford LTN, with a decision made not to progress the Orford LTN proposal.

Instead, the council will look at alternative traffic management and calming measures and has already completed the installation of traffic calming measures on Hallfields Road as a key part of this. It is also proposed that investigations take place into acquiring the powers off the Government to enforce the access only restrictions already in place on Smith Drive, Withers Avenue and Hallows Avenue. Further details on this including the publication of the full survey results for Orford from the recent survey will be published in the near future.

Cabinet member for transport, Cllr Hans Mundry, said: “We have always been committed to seeking and responding to public feedback, and the final consultation on the Westy LTN scheme will inform its long-term future.

“In the same way that we have listened to residents and looked at how we might do things differently in Orford, we will keep listening and responding to feedback about the Westy LTN scheme.

“Though we have previously shared encouraging data and evidence to show that the LTN in Westy is doing what it set out to achieve, our biggest priority is to continue listening to our residents and making sure that the decisions we make bear your views in mind.

“This is therefore your final opportunity to let us know if you’d like the scheme to stay, be removed, or perhaps changed further.”


Key Westy LTN consultation dates

  • Monday 24 April: consultation opens
  • Monday 22 May: consultation closes
  • June 2023: recommendation made on the future of the Westy LTN scheme