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The council has confirmed its new climate emergency action plan, which aims to accelerate emissions reductions and ensure the council is better prepared for the impacts of climate change.


The action plan, which was approved by Cabinet, details actions underway and planned, including steps to limit impact from the council’s vehicle fleet, travel, buildings, and waste. It also details actions to harness the council’s wider influence through procurement, its various duties and roles, and through wider engagement, awareness and support.

The action plan sets out three key goals, to:

  • Be net zero for carbon emissions associated with the councils operations by 2030
  • Be more resilient to the impacts of climate change
  • Use the council’s roles and influence to support wider change in support of borough-wide climate objectives including achieving near zero emissions borough-wide by 2041

Initiatives proposed include seeking higher environmental standards for new buildings, a plan to change the vehicle fleet, a new sustainable procurement policy, and a review of climate risks to services.

The council also aims to build on its Bronze Carbon Literate Organisation status, by helping more councillors and staff to complete certified training, which they can then use to make greener decisions both in their professional roles and their personal lives.

The plan has been developed in the context of the new Warrington Climate Emergency Strategy recently developed by the local independent climate commission. This strategy sets out what needs to happen across Warrington and calls on local people and organisations to bring forward action in support.

Cllr Janet Henshaw, cabinet member for sustainability and climate change, said: “If we do not take direct and timely action now, future generations will face a much worse situation.

“Alongside the council’s goals to be net zero in its own operations, it is vital we use our position as community leaders to inspire and drive action for the entire town embrace our vision to become a greener borough.

“We are not the only organisation working to make the changes needed, but we all need to act. The strategy highlights we all have a role. Through our plan we are setting out our part in this combined effort. With more businesses and communities on board will can make much greater impact. I urge those who have yet to start the journey to do so. 

“We have achieved a lot since we declared a climate emergency in Warrington, but we need to go further and faster. This plan will enhance the work we are doing, much hard work lies ahead.”

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