Warrington Borough Council is advising of delays in accessing services, due to a huge increase in demand that has built up over the last 12 months.

Warrington, like much of the rest of the country, is currently faced with capacity pressures in the social care and health system and is dealing with a large increase in demand for services. This increase is largely as a result of people that have been unsure or reluctant to come forward to get help over the course of the COVID pandemic, with their needs now reaching a point that they need to access a health and social care service.

Compared to three months ago an extra 1500 hours of care are now being delivered on top of the usual 9000 each week in people’s homes. This extra demand coincides with staffing pressures linked to large numbers of people working in care having to self-isolate following instruction by the Test and Trace programme.

All health and social care providers working in Warrington are prioritising care for people that need it the most, but there are likely to be delays and disruptions over the next few weeks.

Cabinet member for statutory health and adult social care, Cllr Paul Warburton, said: “We need to make sure that the services we provide, and the support we have available, is there for those who need help the most.

“Once again we need our communities to come together – as they have done so remarkably over the last 15 months – to provide help for loved ones wherever possible. We would be very grateful if residents can look out for neighbours, friends and families who may need support, but may not necessarily require access to a health or social care service. Of course, services across the health and social care system are still available and being provided to those who are most at risk and vulnerable – but please expect the wait times for accessing these services is likely to be a little longer than usual.”