Two dogs on a double lead standing close together

The council has opened a survey for residents to have their say on ways to control dog related issues.


In 2020, the council sought views on a number of dog related issues and potential options to improve local amenities. Feedback from the survey was generally supportive of further, proportionate controls of dogs in public and green spaces.

Over 800 people took part in the survey, nearly 70% being dog owners, with many of them highlighting that dog fouling was a problem that affected them within the last 12 months. In addition:

  • More than 80% of people agreed that dogs should be placed on a lead if requested by an authorised officer
  • 87% agreed that dogs should always be on a lead in council cemeteries and crematorium gardens
  • 50% agreed that dogs should be put on a lead at Walton Gardens and nature reserves

From the results of the survey, the council has created a draft Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for dog control in Warrington.

The current draft public spaces protection order (PSPO/ focuses on:

  • Borough-wide ability to issue fines for dog fouling
  • Dogs on leads in cemeteries and nature reserves
  • Dogs on leads borough-wide if directed by authorised officer

Cllr Hitesh Patel, cabinet member for environment and public protection said: “The majority of dog owners already act responsibly when taking their pets out in public and green spaces, clearing up waste and keeping dogs on leads in areas that are busy or where dogs off-lead might cause issues to local wildlife, for example.

“The proposed restrictions help to reinforce the sensible actions that we see most dog owners take when out and about, and ensures that Warrington’s public spaces benefit all users, wildlife and other dog owners and their pets.

“We ask that all visitors to Warrington’s public spaces are respectful and considerate of their environment and I am hopeful that this PSPO will lead to even more enjoyment of our green spaces and nature reserves.”

You can now read the draft order and respond to the questionnaire on the proposed requirements and restrictions at   

The consultation is now closed.