The No Wrong Door scheme is a pioneering way of providing support to young people who are within or on the edge of the care system.

The scheme originates from North Yorkshire County Council, where No Wrong Door has helped to reduce the area’s children in care population by 18 per cent in five years and has led to a £2m year-on-year saving.

North Yorkshire are currently working with Warrington, Middlesbrough, Rochdale, Norfolk, Redcar and Cleveland councils to adopt the ground-breaking scheme, as part of the Department of Education’s ‘Strengthening Families Protecting Children’ programme.

The Warrington No Wrong Door scheme will launch on Thursday 1 April and will develop Warrington services to become more successful in supporting young people on the edge of care to reconnect with their families, reduce risky behaviour and improve their aspirations. The model is aimed at providing stability to young people in need of support, by providing services from across the council and partners in the right place, at the right time.

The service will be based at a hub called ‘The Lighthouse’ in the town centre and it will replace traditional council-run children’s homes with a range of integrated provision. This includes residential care home beds, emergency residential beds, community foster family placements, supported accommodation and supported lodgings and outreach support.

Each hub also has a dedicated and embedded team, including key workers, clinical psychologists, speech and communications therapists and police intelligence roles. The team will ensure each young person has the support and care to meet their needs.

The No Wrong Door model will ensure young people have a key worker, a commitment to work with families, and a ‘blended’ offer that provides support across different partners and services. The model will also aim to keep young people in Warrington, within their communities through this dedicated support.

Warrington children’s services have worked to improve processes and care year upon year. Warrington services are focused on reducing the number of Warrington young people being sent out of the area to care placements. Services are also striving to support young people who are not thriving, facing issues such as not being in education, employment or training, going missing, receiving emergency care in hospital or being arrested and charged.


For young people who need to enter care, the programme will ensure they are in placements that are right for them, are close to home and their school, and provide the best life chances.

Warrington was shortlisted and selected as a partner council for the programme, as the council’s and local children’s services aspirations aligned well with the No Wrong Door model. The programme will provide stability for Warrington’s young people who may need help the most.


Director of children’s social care, Amanda Amesbury said: “We would like to thank North Yorkshire for their help in launching the Warrington branch of No Wrong Door. We’re excited for the launch of the scheme, which will improve the support that we give to our young people in and on the edge of care.

“We are on a positive journey in children’s services after our Ofsted Good rating in 2019, and the No Wrong Door scheme is our next important step. The programme is expected to reduce the number of young people coming into care and the number of family breakdowns in Warrington. It will also help us to improve young people’s aspirations, their engagement in the community and will help to reduce the number of young people experiencing harm.

“We’d also like to thank our local young people, who chose the name ‘The Lighthouse’ for our hub and chose the hub’s logo. It’s our goal to support and empower our young people in Warrington and I’m pleased that we can begin to provide this new ground-breaking service.”

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If you are interested in becoming involved with Warrington No Wrong Door, there are currently opportunities to provide key roles. The programme is currently looking for community hub carers (specialist foster carers) and community supported lodgings hosts. If you are interested, please visit

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