Image of the bus gate on Academy Way.

Motorists are being advised that a new bus lane camera will be activated on Academy Way in May.

The purpose of enforcement of bus lanes is to deter unauthorised vehicles, increase bus punctuality, reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Signs are already up, notifying people of the new enforcement measures, which aim to deter any unauthorised use of the bus lane.

Only buses, taxis, cycles and emergency services vehicles can use the bus lane. The new automatic number plate recognition cameras will capture the registration plate details of all vehicles driving illegally along the bus lane. Owners of these vehicles could receive a Penalty Charge Notice of £70 reduced to £35 if paid within the first 21 days.

The cameras will be activated at the beginning of May and warning notices will be issued for a short period of time. Later in May, the cameras will be fully operational and at this point, drivers engaging in unauthorised use of the bus lane will be issued a Penalty Charge Notice.

The installation of bus lane cameras is part of the council’s ongoing work to promote sustainable transport. Bus lanes aim to help provide a more reliable bus service and increase passenger numbers by enabling buses to have a more reliable journey along some of Warrington’s most congested roads.

Notes to editors

How does the penalty system work?

A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) of £70 will be generated and sent in the post in accordance with DfT guidelines. In order to encourage prompt payment, penalties paid within 21 days will be subject to 50% discount i.e. £35. Any ticket served and not paid before the end of the ‘relevant period’ (i.e. 28 days) will be subject to an extra charge of 50% (£105).

Is there an appeals process?

Yes. Warrington Borough Council is a member of the Bus Lane Adjudication Service Joint Committee (BLASJC), whose Traffic Penalty Tribunal acts as an independent appeals body. You can find out how to challenge a ticket at

Are there certain days when bus lanes are not in use?

All bus lanes in Warrington are signposted to highlight restrictions. If bus lanes have restricted hours they will specify these, if they do not specify hours or days when restrictions are effective, they will be enforceable at all times.