Resident fined for using land next to house as storage yard

A Culcheth resident has been fined for using a garage forecourt area next to his property as a storage yard for commercial vehicles.

Resident fined for using land next to house as storage yard

Tony Cheadle, 48, of Medway Road, Culcheth, was found guilty at Warrington Magistrates Court on Thursday 30 March for failing to comply with the requirements of an enforcement notice.

The notice had been served on Mr Cheadle in November 2021, after the use of land next to his house had been changed to a storage yard accommodating various vehicles, machinery and equipment, without planning permission.

This use is out of character with the residential area where it is located and the notice required that the land be put back to its previous use.

Mr Cheadle failed to comply with the requirements of the notice and then pleaded not guilty at an earlier hearing.

He then failed to attend the trial where magistrates heard evidence of how he had brought vehicles, machinery and equipment onto the land, and despite numerous requests from the council, and following receiving an enforcement notice, he refused to remove them and return the land to its former condition.

He was found guilty, fined £1,100 with a victim surcharge of £110 and costs of £2,354, totalling £3,564.

Cllr Hitesh Patel, cabinet member for environment, housing and public protection, said: “Planning restrictions are intended to protect the character of our residential areas and the living conditions of local residents.

“When changes are made without the necessary planning permission, this impacts upon the attractiveness of our residential areas. The council will help to put things right by working with offenders, but we will take action if there is a continued reluctance to cooperate or comply.

“A decision to take legal action is not taken lightly, but planning enforcement is there to preserve the integrity of the planning system. We will always work to deter potential offenders and promote public confidence by ensuring that developments adhere to the rules.”

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