School crossing patrol anniversary

This year marks the Platinum Jubilee of the School Crossing Patrol Service in the UK, and each patrol in Warrington will be commemorated with a special Platinum Jubilee badge and certificate.

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There are currently 11 patrol sites in Warrington, operated by 12 patrols across the borough.

School crossing patrols were first created in the late 1940s, when there was a growing problem with the safety of children given the increasing volume of traffic on roads.

At that time around 90% of children walked to school unaccompanied, so the School Crossing Patrol Service was created, made up of ‘official’ adults to help children on their way to school at points where traffic was at its worst.

Councillors Hans and Karen Mundry will be marking the Jubilee at a special assembly at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School on Friday 16 June.

At the assembly, patrol Derek Crowl will be presented with his platinum jubilee badge and certificate. 

Derek has been a school crossing patrol in Warrington for almost four years. He works as the patrol on Wash Lane in Latchford, working every morning and afternoon during term time to help children and adults on their journeys to and from school to the surrounding areas.

Derek is one of the dedicated school crossing patrols in Warrington who loves his job and is well known by the school community and local residents.

Cllr Hans Mundy, cabinet member for transportation, said: “School crossing patrols are an integral part of getting children to school safely every day.

“It’s a fantastic achievement to have had a School Crossing Patrol Service in Warrington over the decades, and I’d like to thank every individual involved in the service for their commitment and contribution to helping children travel to and from school safely.”

James Gibson, executive director of Road Safety GB, said: “School crossing patrols play a vital road safety role and of course also encourage active travel on school journeys.

“Road Safety GB gives thanks to all patrols for the work that they do on a daily basis. The need for patrols will remain as long as children walk to school and cross busy roads – here’s to another 70 years of the service!”

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