Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about the Parent/Guardian payment, you may be able to find the answer here.


Can I apply again if my child/young person has to isolate more than once?

If your child/young person has to isolate more than once, then you can apply again for a payment, but only if the isolation periods do not overlap.

Can I apply for more than one payment if I have more than one child/young person isolating?

A parent or guardian can apply for each child/young person but only if their isolation periods do not overlap with each other.

Can both parents/guardians apply for a payment?

Parents/guardians who are not legally required to self-isolate (they do not have a Test and Trace Account ID) can only make one application per household for the child/young person’s isolation period.

Parents/guardians from the same household who are applying because they're legally required to self-isolate, and they do have a Test and Trace Account ID, can each make an individual application to receive the payment. However, each parent/guardian must meet the eligibility criteria.

Can I apply if my child/young person goes to school in Warrington but I live outside of the borough?

No, only Warrington residents can apply. However, you can apply to your Local Authority as each Authority accepts applications from its own residents.

Can I apply if my child/young person goes to school outside of Warrington borough?

Providing you are a Warrington resident, and you meet the required criteria, you can apply to us even if your child/young person attends a school outside of the borough.

I do not live with my child/young person but I will be looking after them during their isolation period, can I apply for the payment?

To minimise households mixing, ideally the parent/guardian looking after the child/young person will be from the same household. Where this isn't possible, we can accept applications from a parent/guardian that do not live with their child.

How long do I have to claim for a payment?

You have six weeks (42 days) from the first date of isolation to make a claim.