Parents First is a holistic employment support service in Cheshire and Warrington. It supports parents of young children who take up the free childcare entitlement as well as parents who have not yet engaged with those services.

The support will ensure parents are able to explore and develop education, training and employment aspirations, get job ready or find meaningful employment. Participants will also be supported with issues including debt, social isolation and low-level mental health.

How does it work?

Parents First offers intensive 1-2-1 support through Support Workers based in Children's Centres across Cheshire East Borough Council, Weaver Vale Housing Trust and Warrington Borough Council.

The support worker teams focus on early help and prevention, and early intervention and de-escalation of a range of problems that prevent participants from being able to focus on progression into training and employment and ensuring take up of childcare provision

What participants will gain from Parents First:

  • Improved ability to manage and recognise issues and seek support
  • Increased access to suitable affordable childcare support
  • Volunteering and work experience
  • Support from services in their local communities
  • Leading more independent lives
  • Greater mental wellbeing and emotional resilience
  • Reduced offending
  • Better support with parenting
  • Reduced parental conflict and domestic abuse

Who is eligible for support?

Parents of young children who take up the free childcare entitlement, and parents of young children who have not yet engaged with those services in Cheshire and Warrington.

Referral to the programme

Participants will be identified primarily through the Family Information Services and Children's Centre teams. Support Workers will be co-located in the teams and referrals will be made to those workers who will then check eligibility and ensure participants are registered for support.

Partners who wish to make referrals will be able to make direct referrals into each Local Authority project delivery team who will check eligibility and ensure participants are allocated to an Employment Support Worker and are registered for support.


Further information

For further information please contact:

Shelley Gerrard

01925 442157