Discretionary scheme closing 30 November

Our energy rebate discretionary scheme closes on 30 November 2022. Anyone who has a post office voucher and has not cashed it by 30 November will have their voucher cancelled and the £150 credited to their council tax account. This is to make sure that we comply with the rules which the Government has set out.

Anyone who applies between the 17 - 30 November will only have the option to have their council tax account credited.

Anyone who has their council tax account credited will be able to have the £150 refunded if they wish. You can do this by emailing your council tax account number, bank account number, sort code and your name as it appears on your account to 2022energyrebate@warrington.gov.uk

Discretionary scheme now open for applications

Our discretionary scheme is now open. Applications will close on 30 November 2022

If you live in bands E-H and meet one of the criteria below you may be eligible for a discretionary £150 council tax energy rebate payment from the government to help with the cost of living.

You may also be eligible for this payment if you live in a bands A-D and have moved in after 1 April 2022.

Please note - anyone that falls under the following criteria will automatically receive a post office voucher and will not need to submit an application:

  • In receipt of Council Tax Support and/or Housing Benefit
  • In receipt of student or severely mentally impaired exemption

To submit this application you will need:

  • Your Council Tax reference number – you can find this on your Council Tax Bill in the top left corner underneath your address, the reference number has nine digits starting with a 7, e.g 700000000

To be successful in this application you will need to meet one of the following criteria:

  • In receipt of Income Support, Income-based JSA, Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit
  • Pensioners in receipt of a state retirement pension
  • New occupiers (after 1 April 2022) of Bands A-D properties
  • People with disabilities who are in receipt of one or more of the state disability allowances. Long term sickness, serious or terminal illness
  • Customers who are pregnant or have a new born/recently adopted child
  • Recent bereavement within the last three months
  • Single parent families
  • Care leaver
  • Language and/or literacy difficulties, including ethnic minorities, refugees, asylum seekers and people whose first language is not English
  • People suffering from fuel poverty/hardship

Apply for a discretionary payment online

Main scheme

Applications to the Energy Rebate scheme have now closed. We will continue to process any applications we have received in the coming week.

For households in bands A – D who did not apply but we know to be eligible we will be issuing a cash voucher in the post by the end of October which can be redeemed at the Post Office.

For anyone who has requested that the £150 be credited to your council tax account before this has now been added and your next/future payments reduced accordingly.

Log into your council tax account and view your next instalments 

Data security

We are committed to ensuring your information is protected. Your information will be used to assist us with your application to apply for your Energy Rebate payment and to undertake the necessary checks to verify your application.

For further details on how your data will be processed, please review our privacy notice.

Contact us

Email: 2022EnergyRebate@warrington.gov.uk please quote your council tax reference (this is a nine digit code that can be found in the top left corner of your council tax bill and will begin with a 7)