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Caught speeding or jumping a red light?


Speed and Red-Light Detection - Your Questions Answered

This information will provide you with answers to a number of questions frequently asked by people who receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP). The Central Ticket Office will not enter into correspondence concerning any of the issues outlined below.

I have received a notice of intended prosecution - what happens now?
You are obliged as the keeper/person to whom the notice is addressed to complete one section on the reverse of the form. If you were the driver and fully complete section 1 of the form in the allotted time you may be offered a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty which will detail the options available to you.

What happens if I ignore the notice of intended prosecution?
The Fixed Penalty process may give you the opportunity to resolve the matter without the need to involve the courts. If you fail to respond, the matter may be put before the courts for the separate offence of failing to provide the required information. If found guilty, the fine and penalty points imposed is likely to be higher than that of the original offence.

What if I wasn’t driving?
It is your responsibility as the keeper/person to whom the request was made to supply details to identify the driver at the time of the alleged offence. Failure to do so may result with you being summonsed to court for an offence.

NB If you nominate a driver who is not a UK resident you may be asked to provide proof that the named person was insured to drive the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence. If this proof is not provided you may be liable to prosecution.

What if I don’t sign the notice?
In order for the matter to be considered for a diversionary training course or a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty your response must be signed. If your response is returned unsigned the matter may result in court proceedings. If found guilty at court, the fine and penalty points imposed is likely to be higher than that of the original offence.

What do I need to do if I wish to dispute the alleged offence?
The Central Ticket Office will not consider any mitigation concerning camera offences. If you wish to contest the alleged offence you may request a court hearing. This request must be made in writing and sent to the Central Ticket Office within the 28-day statutory time limit.

What if I go to court?
You have the right to challenge the alleged offence in court. If found guilty, you will not be offered a driver training course and the Magistrates will decide upon the fine and number of penalty points, which may be higher than the terms of the Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty. You may also be ordered to pay court costs.

Can I have a higher fine and no penalty points?
No. If you are offered a Conditional Offer the penalty of £60.00 and 3 penalty points is set by the legislation and is not negotiable.

Can I attend a Driver Training Course?
The Cheshire Road Safety Group acknowledges the value of diversionary educational training in respect of certain types of offences and within set criteria. If the driver of the vehicle is eligible for a course, he/she will be sent the relevant documentation upon receipt of his/her fully completed Notice of Intended Prosecution.

The courses are offered entirely at the discretion of the constabulary. All cases are considered against set criteria, which, ensures fairness and consistency.  If you receive a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty or a postal requisition/summons without the option of a course, you are either ineligible or the circumstances of the alleged offence are outside the prescribed criteria.

Further information regarding Driver Offender Referral Schemes can be found at: - click on the Advice/Guidance tab then Roads Policing.

My GB driving licence is at the DVLA/has been lost/has been stolen - what should I do?
If your licence is at the DVLA you should contact them to request its early return. If it has been lost or stolen you should contact the DVLA immediately for a replacement. You will need to produce a current driving licence whether the matter is dealt with as a fixed penalty or in court.

The road was empty at the time/the road conditions were safe for me to drive faster? Why should I be prosecuted?
Speed limits apply all the time, day and night - not just when the roads are busy. The limits set are not only to protect motorists but also other road users e.g. pedestrians.

How long will the points remain on my licence?
Penalty points are valid for a period of three years, but cannot be removed from your licence until four years have elapsed.

Who sets the speed limits?
Depending on the class of road, speed limits are set by either the local council or Highways Agency - NOT the police.