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Update 23/10/2020

The approximate programme for the resurfacing scheme along Thelwall Lane will be as follows (weather permitting)

Week 1 Setting up & general works All Phases along Thelwall Lane

Week 2 Planing (removal of the road surface) all phases starting in Phase 1 on Night 1, Phase 2 Night 2 and so on, also replacing/resetting ironwork (gully gratings, chamber covers and the like) in Phase 1

Week 3 Replacing/resetting ironwork in Phase 2 & 3, Surfacing in Phase 1

Week 4 Replacing/resetting ironwork in Phase 3 & 4, Surfacing in Phase 2 & 3

Week 5 Replacing/resetting ironwork in Phase 4, Surfacing in Phase 3 & 4

Week 6 Road markings and gully cleansing All Phases

Week 7 Clear site.

Works will be taking place to resurface the road along Thelwall Lane between Kingsway South and the end of the adopted highway approximately 30m east of the roundabout at Clearwater Quays/Powder Mill Road.

These works will start from Monday 2 November 2020, and will take up to 7 weeks to complete.

The Principal Contractor for this scheme is Tarmac Trading Ltd.

Due to the difficult nature of the works, it will be necessary to close the road, and its side roads, for the resurfacing works, with the roads being closed between 7:00pm and 1:00am.

All roads will be reopened to traffic outside these times.

To reduce inconvenience to residents businesses and traffic the works will be split into phases as shown on the information plan, starting at the eastern end of Thelwall Lane.

Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times and vehicular access will be under the control of the Principal Contractor.

There will be a signed diversion route for Phases 2 to 4 of the works via Nook Lane, Reynolds Street, Kingsway South and vice versa.

All works are planned for Monday to Friday nights, no works are planned to take place on Saturday or Sunday nights.

Cones, barriers and signs are there for a reason - to protect our workers from danger and to keep the public safe. We urge drivers to pay close attention when driving near roadworks.