The Warrington Safeguarding Adults Board (WSAB) Plan is informed by:

  • Making Safeguarding Personal
  • Care Act 2014
  • Local Partnerships
  • Safeguarding Adults Collection


WSAB Vision is “Work together to achieve effective practice that makes a meaningful difference to the lives of adults at risk”.


WSAB Principles underpinning this plan are:

  • Empowerment
  • Prevention
  • Proportionality
  • Protection
  • Partnership
  • Accountability

Priorities for 2019-22 with identified work areas and outcomes

Listen and understand the lived experience of adults who are at risk or have experienced abuse and neglect

Work Areas:

  • Gather service user and their representatives views to better understand their experience of safeguarding and align with our priorities
  • Embed Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) into multi-agency practice
  • Raise the profile of WSAB and safeguarding within the community


  • A clear understanding of what is and isn’t working in safeguarding practice for adults at risk
  • Our communities are empowered to share safeguarding concerns and understand how to raise concerns to the Board.
  • There is awareness of the SAB and its purpose.

Learn and develop a culture of learning so we understand what works well and improve local practice

Work Areas:

  • Continue to learn from and develop our SAR Practice
  • Work collaboratively with other forums such as Warrington Safeguarding Partnership, Community Safety Partnership, Warrington Domestic Abuse Partnership to clarify roles, priorities and support joint work streams
  • Ensure safeguarding professionals have clear understanding how to respond to complex and emerging areas of risk and exploitation, such as modern slavery and radicalisation
  • Continue to develop our multi-agency audit process


  • Learning from SARs is timely and leads to changes in practice
  • Learning is disseminated to the frontline staff across all organisations
  • Practitioners are responsive to emerging and complex safeguarding areas
  • The SAB is assured we have responsive and effective practice locally
  • Local forums are working collaboratively to avoid duplication and make best use of resources.

Respond and challenge that our partnership safeguarding arrangements are doing all they can to effectively respond to abuse and neglect in line with Making Safeguarding Personal principles

Work Areas:

  • Review our procedures to ensure they are fit for purpose
  • The WSAB is assured that all agencies have a robust training plan (Training Needs Analysis)
  • Partners can evidence the implementation and impact of lessons learnt within their own organisation
  • Use and analyse local data to inform work streams
  • Develop shared local pathways across adult and children’s services to protect those subject to exploitation and emerging areas of risk
  • Engage with, and where required lobby, on a national level to support positive change and development of safeguarding frameworks.


  • Evidence based practice in line with procedures
  • Staff are competent to recognise and respond to abuse and neglect
  • The whole partnership is accountable for leading changes in practice
  • Activity targets our local needs, impacting most on the experience of adults at risk
  • A consistent and proportionate response to safeguarding concerns locally
  • We can positively influence the development of safeguarding legislation and practice nationally.

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Phone: 01925 444085

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