About the Partnership

Welcome to the new Safeguarding Children pages for Warrington. Here you can find out about the new partnership arrangements, how to get in touch with us and useful resources.

The Child and Social Work Act 2017 requires the Local Authority, the local Clinical Commissioning Group and the police to make arrangements to work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

The arrangements must include how the we will work together to identify and respond to the needs of children in Warrington.

Warrington safeguarding partnership structure

The partnership does not commission or deliver direct frontline services. Our job is to make sure that the services that partners deliver or commission all work well together and that they are effective in keeping children and young people safe.

Our Quality Assurance group will monitor intelligence to help us better understand our local needs and ensure agencies are meeting their safeguarding responsibilities. 

The Impact group will ensure we share practice developments across the area so everyone working with children, young people and families has the right skills to help them thrive and succeed.

The Practitioners Forum is made up of frontline teams; sharing their experiences and offering feedback on changes and proposals.  This group will challenge and support the partnership to implement change.  This forum will have a fluid membership, open to all in the area.  If you wish to get involved please email the Partnership Team for further information or call 01925 443126.

The Strategic group will work together to resolve barriers or challenges that prevent agencies from working well together.  This includes overseeing Local Reviews to ensure we identify good practice locally and any areas for development.

The partnership will consult with community groups and ensure that the needs of community are being met by the Partnership. This will ensure that the voice of the child and families are central to the work of Warrington Safeguarding Partnership (WSP).

We will also link to working groups across Cheshire, such as the Pan Cheshire Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) to ensure we work collaboratively to improve children’s experiences.

The safeguarding arrangement partners will ensure that all relevant information is shared to Local Partnerships and Forums, such as the Health and Wellbeing Board, Community Safety Partnership, Warrington Safeguarding Adult Board, Prevent and Channel Panel arrangements, the Local Family Justice Board, Early Help Partnership Board, Multi-agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) Strategic Management Board and the Youth Justice Board.  This is to ensure duplication is avoided and opportunities for collaboration are identified. 

If you want to find out more or need specific documents, such as Annual Reports or Business Plans then please email the Warrington Safeguarding Partnership Team or call 01925 443126 or follow us on Twitter @warrington_sp