In-year transfer applications are those applications requesting a transfer from one school to another outside of the normal admissions rounds, for example when a family moves address part way through a school year. 

(Normal admission rounds are an annual process for first admission to reception class and transferring from Year 6 to Year 7).

If your request for an in-year transfer is not because of a change of address or relocation from overseas, you are strongly advised to think carefully before you apply. Problems your child may be experiencing may not go away simply as a result of a change of school.

To apply for a school

All applicants should read our In-Year Transfer – Information Booklet for Parents before completing the application form. You may also wish to visit the schools you are interested in - please contact the school direct to arrange a visit.

You may wish to visit the schools you are interested in, please contact the school direct to arrange a visit. If you are new to the area a map giving the location of both the primary and secondary schools in the Warrington is available to view or download.

If you wish to apply for a place at a Warrington school you must complete the In-year transfer application form.

In-year application form

Application forms are available from all Warrington schools. However, you can request an application to be sent to you directly by emailing the schools admission team.

Please note the application is made up of 7 sections:

  • Sections 1 to 6 must be completed by the Parent/Carer
  • Section 7 must be completed by your child’s current school.
  • Families who are moving to Warrington from overseas need only to complete sections 1 to 6 of the application form. 
  • It's important the all sections are completed before submitting as incomplete forms will be returned.

It is important the all sections are completed before submitting as incomplete forms will be returned


The school admissions team aim to reply to all in-year applications within fifteen school days of receiving a fully completed application.

In-year admissions not dealt with by the council 

The following schools deal with their own in-year admissions. To apply, or if you have any queries, contact the school directly:


You are not guaranteed a place at the school(s) of your preference because all schools have limits to the number of children they can admit into each year group.

If your child is refused a place at any school for which you have expressed a preference, you will be given the right to appeal against the decision. This applies whether the school is an academy, community controlled, free or faith school.

Children with education health and care plans

If your child has an education, health and care plan and is attending a mainstream school then the appropriate In-Year transfer application should be completed. If the child attends a special provision school then you should contact the EHCP assessment team in the first instance for advice on 01925 442917.