A data protection impact assessment has been completed and is available to view on request.

We use Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems in a variety of locations such as;

  • public spaces
  • car parks
  • council vehicles
  • council occupied sites both internally and externally
  • private hire, additionally conditioned private hire and hackney carriage vehicles
  • body worn cameras

Each CCTV system has its own objective, such as;

  • deterring and detecting crime and anti-social behaviour
  • protecting areas and premises used by our staff and the public
  • monitor traffic flows and managing congestion
  • assisting in the identification of offenders leading to their arrest and successful prosecution or other appropriate action
  • reducing violent or aggressive behaviour towards staff
  • reducing fear of crime, anti-social behaviour and aggression
  • protecting our property and assets
  • protecting lone working staff 

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If you want to contact us about any of our CCTV, please email us at contact@warrington.gov.uk