Licence Number(s)Name of EstablishmentPostcodeWardLicence Type(s)Issue DateExpiry DateStar Rating
AB23Croft CatsWA3Culcheth, Glazebury & Croft   Licensed Commercial Boarding08-Jun-2307-Jun-254
AB19Tan House Farm CatteryWA4Grappenhall                   Licensed Commercial Boarding12-Dec-2111-Dec-245
AB04Cloverdell Boarding KennelsWA2Burtonwood & Winwick         Licensed Commercial Boarding28-Sep-2327-Sep-253
AB20The Lodge Boarding CatteryWA2Burtonwood & Winwick         Licensed Commercial Boarding21-Oct-2120-Oct-245
AB18Little Lions CatteryWA3Culcheth, Glazebury & Croft   Licensed Commercial Boarding16-Nov-2115-Nov-245
AB05The Dogs Pad Kennels & CatteryWA4Lymm North & Thelwall         Licensed Commercial Boarding29-Sep-2328-Sep-265
AB01Peel Hall Boarding KennelsWA2Poplars & Hulme               Licensed Commercial Boarding27-Oct-2326-Oct-253
AB21Rosetree Farm Boarding LtdWA5Penketh & Cuerdly             Licensed Commercial Boarding19-Jan-2418-Jan-275
AB22, DDC04No More KennelsWA5Penketh & Cuerdly             Licensed Commercial Boarding , Licensed Dog Day Care   26-Sep-2225-Sep-243
AB15, BR02, DDC06Rosewood House Pets LtdWA13Lymm South                   Licensed Commercial Boarding, Licensed Dog Breeding, Licensed Dog Day Care           28-Apr-2227-Apr-255
BR33Jennings K9 LtdWA4Latchford West               Licensed Dog Breeding         29-Apr-2428-Apr-275
BR09Surechanz Miniature SchnauzersWA5Penketh & Cuerdly             Licensed Dog Breeding         13-Mar-2412-Mar-275
BR24Mrs Ioana BochisWA5Westbrook                     Licensed Dog Breeding         12-May-2311-May-253
BR25Mihaela CrasovschiWA2Fairfield & Howley           Licensed Dog Breeding         16-May-2415-May-263
BR30Dianne & David AspinallWA5Bewsey & Whitecross           Licensed Dog Breeding         21-Jun-2320-Jun-253
BR23RavendaneWA4Grappenhall                   Licensed Dog Breeding         17-Jun-2117-Jun-245
BR26Sport Dogs UKWA3Culcheth, Glazebury & Croft   Licensed Dog Breeding         24-May-2423-May-263
BR22Little LegsWA4Lymm North & Thelwall         Licensed Dog Breeding         18-Apr-2417-Apr-275
PS32, BR01Kelly's Kennels LtdWA3Culcheth, Glazebury & Croft   Licensed Dog Breeding , Licensed Selling Animals as Pets   05-Jul-2204-Jul-243
BR04, PS43Florie Bell PupsWA3Culcheth, Glazebury & Croft   Licensed Dog Breeding, Licensed Selling Animals as Pets06-Sep-2205-Sep-255
DDC02Give a Dog a Jones LtdWA5Great Sankey South           Licensed Dog Day Care         25-Nov-2324-Nov-253
DDC03The Dog Haus LtdWA4Latchford West               Licensed Dog Day Care         29-Nov-2328-Nov-253
RE09Friends Lane Riding SchoolWA5Penketh & Cuerdly             Licensed Hiring out Horses   12-Sep-2211-Sep-255
RE01Croft Riding CentreWA3Culcheth, Glazebury & Croft   Licensed Hiring out Horses   13-Oct-2212-Oct-255
RE02Lymm Riding SchoolWA13Lymm North & Thelwall         Licensed Hiring out Horses   27-Sep-2326-Sep-265
EXH003, RE11Raspberry Fields Pony PartiesWA3Rixton & Woolston             Licensed Hiring out Horses, Licensed Keeping/Training Animals29-Sep-2328-Sep-265
HB10Padgate PawsWA1Poulton South                 Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   11-Jul-2210-Jul-255
HB15Happy Paws Pet Boarding & DaycareWA2Poplars & Hulme               Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   05-Jul-2304-Jul-242
HB31Smilo Pet Care LtdWA5Great Sankey North & Whittle HallLicensed Home Boarding Dogs   04-Aug-2303-Aug-242
HB63Digs for DogsWN2VariousLicensed Home Boarding Dogs   11-Jul-2310-Jul-253
HB55Mrs K-9'sWA2Poulton North                 Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   02-Nov-2201-Nov-243
HB22Margot & FriendsWA4Latchford West               Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   10-Nov-2309-Nov-253
HB54Board 'N' WalkWA3Birchwood                     Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   02-Mar-2301-Mar-253
HB23Doggy Home CareWA5Burtonwood & Winwick         Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   06-Mar-2405-Mar-263
HB35Heatley Home BoardingWA13Lymm North & Thelwall         Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   21-Mar-2420-Mar-275
HB06Pets Homes and Gardens Stockton HeathWA4Appleton                     Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   25-May-2224-May-255
HB43Woolston Waggy TailsWA1Rixton & Woolston             Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   15-Nov-2314-Nov-265
HB61WAGGIOWA5Great Sankey North & Whittle HallLicensed Home Boarding Dogs   25-Apr-2324-Apr-253
HB70Room707WA4Grappenhall                   Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   25-Mar-2424-Mar-252
HB40Pets All InclusiveWA4Lymm North & Thelwall         Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   10-Nov-2309-Nov-265
HB37BoDoodleWA4Latchford West               Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   05-Sep-2204-Sep-243
HB65Home from Home HoundsWA1Rixton & Woolston             Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   17-Oct-2316-Oct-253
HB24Elite Canine Club LimitedWA1Fairfield & Howley           Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   25-Nov-2124-Nov-244
HB49On Your BarksWA1Poulton South                 Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   16-May-2315-May-253
HB02Animal AuntieWA3Culcheth, Glazebury & Croft   Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   14-Sep-2313-Sep-242
HB64Fifi's Dog Home BoardingWA5Chapelford & Old Hall         Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   04-Aug-2303-Aug-253
HB32Doggy PoppinsWA13Lymm North & Thelwall         Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   09-Dec-2308-Dec-253
HB18Safe and Sound Doggy Day CareWA2Orford                       Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   02-Nov-2101-Nov-245
HB62All Fur One Pet ServicesWA2Poulton North                 Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   11-May-2310-May-252
HB01IC PawsWA4Bewsey & Whitecross           Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   07-Mar-2206-Mar-255
HB72Bohemian PawsWA13Lymm North & Thelwall         Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   13-May-2412-May-252
HB52Jemlins Doggy Holiday ClubWA5Great Sankey North & Whittle HallLicensed Home Boarding Dogs   30-Nov-2329-Nov-243
HB27WagulousWA5Great Sankey South           Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   02-Mar-2301-Mar-253
HB25Paw MarksWA2Poulton North                 Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   02-Nov-2101-Nov-245
HB50Hotel CavelierWA4Latchford West               Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   26-Jun-2225-Jun-244
HB33Dexter’s Dog HouseWA3Birchwood                     Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   07-Nov-2206-Nov-243
HB66Pets at LymmWA13Lymm North & Thelwall         Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   18-Mar-2417-Mar-263
HB21Poochinies Pet SittingWA4Appleton                     Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   10-Nov-2309-Nov-253
HB71Woofy WalkiesWA4Lymm North & Thelwall         Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   25-Mar-2424-Mar-252
HB48Paws FirstWA5Great Sankey North & Whittle HallLicensed Home Boarding Dogs   09-May-2408-May-275
HB68Fields DaysWA4Latchford West               Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   18-May-2321-Jun-242
HB08Paws A ThoughtWA5Penketh & Cuerdly             Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   05-Apr-2204-Apr-255
HB07Small Paws HomeboardingWA5Great Sankey South           Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   18-Oct-2217-Oct-255
HB59Check-Ye-PetWA13Lymm North & Thelwall         Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   02-Mar-2301-Mar-253
HB67Sharon's Dog BoardingWA2Poplars & Hulme               Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   08-May-2407-May-263
HB57Warrington WoofersWA3Birchwood                     Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   25-Nov-2224-Nov-243
HB05Paw in a BedWA4Appleton                     Licensed Home Boarding Dogs   15-Nov-2314-Nov-253
EXH002Woodlands Alpaca Farm LtdWA4Lymm North & Thelwall         Licensed Keeping/Training Animals29-Sep-2326-Nov-24N/A
EXH004Walton Hall Childrens ZooWA4Appleton                     Licensed Keeping/Training Animals04-Oct-2203-Oct-25N/A
EXH005Your Animal KingdomWA3Birchwood                     Licensed Keeping/Training Animals12-Mar-2411-Mar-27N/A
PS49Pets At Home LtdWA2Bewsey & Whitecross           Licensed Selling Animals as Pets01-Jan-2331-Dec-255
PS18Pets At Home LtdWA1Fairfield & Howley           Licensed Selling Animals as Pets01-Jan-2331-Dec-255
PS51JollyesWA2Bewsey & Whitecross           Licensed Selling Animals as Pets27-May-2326-May-254
PS26Warrington Pets & ExoticsWA5Bewsey & Whitecross           Licensed Selling Animals as Pets01-Jan-2331-Dec-255
PS05Universal Waterlife LtdWA8Penketh & Cuerdly             Licensed Selling Animals as Pets01-Jan-2331-Dec-255
6 June 2024