If you've started building work before notifying us the work is unauthorised and could be unsafe. You can apply to regularise the work by completing this online form.

We'll check the work conforms to the building regulations, however we may ask for certain parts of the work to be opened up for inspection and ask for as-built plans. We may also require alterations to be carried out so the works comply with building regulations.

Once we're satisfied the works are of an acceptable standard we'll issue a regularisation certificate. This certificate proves the work is safe and complies with the building regulations.

Regularisation only applies to work that commenced on or after 11 November 1985. Acceptance of an application and the requirements under 13A is without prejudice to the powers of this Authority under Section 36 of the Building Act 1984.

The fee payable is determined by referring to the fee tables below which include fees for regularisations.

To use this form you'll need to tell us:

  • Your name and address
  • Agent if applicable
  • Location of work
  • Details of plan - upload option is available
  • Details of completed works
  • Type of building work
  • Builder details
  • Planning reference number (if planning permission was needed)

Information and guidance

If you have plans of the building works it is helpful to include them with your application.

These plans could include:

  • A site or location plan to a metric scale showing the work in relation to buildings, boundaries and street.
  • A plan to a metric scale, showing floor plans, sections, elevations and any necessary details of the work.
  • If you don't submit plans at this stage we reserve the right to request them and if they're required to secure compliance with the Building Regulations it may delay the issue of a regularisation certificate.

Once you've submitted this form you'll be provided with a link in your receipt so that you can arrange a site visit from one of building control officers.

Please be aware that the authority is not required to accept an application or to issue a certificate.

Building Work

It's illegal to not tell us about building work.

You should apply for building regulation approval before you works start.

If you've started without applying we may still be able to give you approval - you need to tell us straight away and pay the appropriate charge.

If you start work and don't tell us you might have to stop the works, make changes or pay a fine.