Prize gaming is intended to allow low level gaming for small fees and small prizes which can include cash.

Playing bingo at a seaside resort is a good example of prize gaming. Prize gaming can consist of a number of games as long as the fees and prizes do not exceed set limits.

Information on prize gaming permit fees and charges.

The current regulations are:

  • the maximum participation fee for a chance to win a prize in a single game is 50p (even if paying for that chance offers the opportunity of more than one prize). The total amount you can bet in one game is £500.
  • a money prize cannot exceed £35 (except in an Adult Gaming Centre where the limit is £50). The total amount of prizes cannot exceed £500.

Who can apply

Anyone who intends to run prize gaming needs to apply for a permit.

Fees and charges

The fee for a new application for grant is £300. The fee for the conversion of an existing Section 16 Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976 permit is £100. The fee for a change of name is £25.

Apply for a permit

Please return your completed form to

After we receive your application

We will process your application as soon as possible and contact you if we need any further information.


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