To put a builder's skip on a public road, you need a permit from the council.

Who can apply

Only a skip owner or supplier (builders, householders, etc.) can register to be able to put a skip on roads. Normally if you hire a skip from a company, they will already have a licence.

Fees and charges

The cost of a skip permit is £25.

Apply for a permit

If you're a skip owner or supplier contact us to apply for a permit by emailing

After we receive your application

There may be conditions attached to the permit regarding:

  • siting the skip
  • skip dimensions
  • making skips visible to traffic
  • care and disposal of skip contents
  • lighting and guarding of skips
  • skip removal

We will process your application as soon as possible, if you have not heard from us within 28 days of submitting your application you can assume that it has been granted.


If a member of the public has a complaint about your licence, we always advise for that person to contact your directly, preferably in the form a letter with proof of delivery. If that has not worked, we advise the person to contact the Citizens Advice Guide, or the UK European Consumer Centre if they’re outside the UK.

Any person objecting to an application for the grant, renewal or transfer of a licence may give written notice of their objection to the council, stating the grounds of the objection, within 28 days of the date of the application. Please email