Accent Arts is a branch of Accent Music Education Hub which aims to support young people to develop their skills in, and appreciation of, the wider Arts. We develop and deliver exciting Arts-based projects for schools, run in partnership with professional Artists and Arts Organisations.

We offer a whole class British Values cross-arts project to schools in the region. The primary aim of the project is to support schools in their delivery of British Values and promote further creativity in schools. All schools have one term of music composition, and select from either Drama, Dance or Art for the remaining terms.

An arts steering group meeting is held each term. This group is representative of the council and both primary and secondary school sectors, and is responsible for the planning and implementation of school arts policy and related events for children in Warrington and Halton.

We support the Primary Arts Network (PAN) in both Warrington and Halton to facilitate and deliver additional arts opportunities for young people.

For further information please visit the accent music education hub.

Alternatively you can call us on 01925 442097.


3 February 2023