Ceremony booking

Booking Fee

Please note that all our bookings are subject to a booking fee. The current fee is £50. This booking fee is a standalone fee & is not deducted from the final fee for your ceremony as it is paid to reserve registrars for the date, time and venue of your ceremony. This fee is VATable, non-refundable and is not a deposit, and any subsequent changes of date, time or venue means you will need to pay this booking fee again.

Book our register office or check the availability of our registrars for your ceremony at an approved venue

Paying for your ceremony

If you want to make the final payment for a ceremony you have already booked, then you can do this online.(please have your booking Id to hand).

If you are getting married, then before you pay for your ceremony, you should ensure you have given notice of marriage

Pay for your ceremony

Fees and charges

Further information on the fees you will need to pay and other steps you may need to complete before your Ceremony

Notice of marriage or civil partnership

You and your partner must both give a legal Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership to the superintendent registrar of the district where you live.

This costs £35 per person or £47 per person, depending on immigration status.

Weddings and civil partnerships in the ceremony room, 1 Time Square

Fees for 2024-2025

Monday to Friday £190

Saturday £215

Sunday and Bank Holidays Unavailable

Fees for 2025-2026

Monday to Friday £210

Saturday £235

Sunday and Bank Holidays Unavailable


Weddings and civil partnerships at an approved venue

Fees for 2024-2025

Monday to Thursday £460

Friday and Saturday £520

Sunday £580

Bank Holidays £625

Fees for 2025-2026

Monday to Friday £505

Saturday £570

Sunday £640

Bank Holidays £690

Statutory weddings and civil partnerships at the register office, 1 Time Square

The fee for a statutory ceremony in the register office is £46.

This is for a small, simple ceremony with no more than two guests.

To book the register office please email ceremonies@warrington.gov.uk


Copies of marriage and civil partnership certificates cost £11. Certificates can be ordered immediately after your ceremony.

Refunds and cancellations

Reservation fees are non-refundable, and any change to the date, time or venue of a ceremony will incur a further non-refundable payment of the same amount.

Any ceremony cancelled in writing more than two months to the day in advance will receive a full refund upon request.

Any ceremony cancelled in writing between two months and up to eight days before the ceremony will receive a 50% refund upon request.

Any ceremony cancelled with fewer than seven full day’s notice will not be refunded.

Please note, cancellations made over the phone are not accepted in order to protect our couples from fraudulent or malicious cancellations. All cancellations should be made in writing to ceremonies@warrington.gov.uk

Useful information about our fees

Our fees are reviewed every year in January, with any price changes coming into effect from April. All ceremony bookings are subject to the discretion of the superintendent registrar.

Though Warrington Register Office will always strive to accommodate your needs, not all days will be available for ceremonies.