You’re a carer if you look after someone who has an illness or disability, usually a family member or close friend.

You might do this round-the-clock or just for a few hours a week. It might be in your own home, in their home, or they might live quite far away. You may be balancing your unpaid caring role with other things like your children, work or education. 

It doesn’t matter what your situation is, if you look after someone then you’re a carer - and you should be, and feel, supported.  

Support services 

You may already get support through friends and family, or through services and activities in your local community. Here are some other websites and organisations that can help you.

My Life Warrington

You can get more information about local services that can support you on the My Life Warrington website, such as:

  • Daytime and social activities for the person you care for
  • Short breaks (respite) in local care homes
  • Support groups and networks for carers
  • Counselling
  • Support for young carers
  • Carers emergency cards
  • Carecall and telecare

Local support services

You can get information, advice and support from local services such as Warrington Carers Hub or the Cheshire and Warrington Carers Trust
The Warrington Wellbeing Service can also provide one-to-one information and advice to help you to look after your own health and wellbeing.
The Warrington Parents and Carers Forum can help you to meet other carers of children with disabilities and additional needs.

National support services

Carers assessments

If your wellbeing and day-to-day life is affected, ask us for a carers assessment so that we can help you to find services and support that can help you to look after yourself and the person you care for. 

Contact our Adult Social Care First Response Team on 01925 443322 or email We try to reply to all emails within 48 hours.

Warrington Carers Partnership Board

The Warrington Carers Partnership Board promotes the interests and wellbeing of carers in Warrington. The board makes sure that local services are supporting carers in the best way possible, and that carers are involved in decisions about how local services are run. 

Members include:

  • Warrington Borough Council
  • Wired Carers Centre
  • Warrington Disability Partnership
  • Cheshire and Warrington Carers Trust
  • Warrington Parents and Carers Forum
  • Alzheimer’s Society
  • Footsteps
  • Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Local carers

The carers on the board act as champions for all other carers in Warrington, and they can give you advice and bring issues to the board on your behalf. Get in touch by calling our Adult Social Care First Response Team on 01925 443322.

Carers Strategy

More information about how carers are supported is in the Warrington Carers Strategy.