Central 6

Streets Plan


We have been awarded funding through the government’s Active Travel Fund programme to trial Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTN) within the Orford and Westy areas. We looked to build on the Central 6 Regeneration Masterplan work where residents said they wanted a ‘better, cleaner and safer environment’.

Consultation started in late 2021, after which revised schemes were put forward for delivery in June 2022. However, major concerns were raised by the public, mainly on the Orford Scheme and the decision was made to pause this scheme. The trial scheme in Westy was taken forward. 


For Orford, we took on board the concerns received in June 2022 and re-consulted in late 2022. This smaller scheme was in the Smith Drive, Withers Avenue area of the ward. Residents did not support the revised proposals and it was decided not to carry on with a scheme in Orford. It was agreed however, to install a previously consulted traffic calming scheme for Hallfields Road which was implemented in spring 2023.


In Westy, shortly after the measures were implemented in June 2022 an eight-week public consultation was held. This was to allow residents to comment on how the trial measures were working. We then made changes to the scheme in November 2022 to deal with some of the issues raised. In May 2023, a final public consultation was held to help decide if the scheme would be installed permanently or removed. The feedback showed that most residents who responded wanted the scheme to be removed. Throughout the trial period data was collected to monitor traffic movements and any changes in air quality.

On 19 June 2023 the decision was made to remove the trial measures and return streets to how they were before the scheme.

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