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Warrington's Climate Emergency Commission was set up by the council, after it declared a climate emergency in 2019, in recognition that the climate crisis is a more-than-council issue.  

Have your say

We are currently asking for feedback on our position paper, which will help to shape a borough-wide strategy to encourage and guide action by people and organisations locally.

Read our paper in full and complete the survey, which closes on 24 December 2021.

The commission's purpose

Our purpose is to lead the local public conversation on the climate emergency, including the direction we need to be heading and what we can do in Warrington to help. 

Our role is also to advise the council on meeting its climate emergency commitments, including its goal to be a net zero carbon organisation by 2030. 

The commission's membership

We are comprised of a number of advisors with a knowledge and interest of climate issues and representatives from different organisations and communities in Warrington. This includes business, youth, environment and community representatives. 

Importantly, the commission is supported by the council, but has an independent voice. 

How the commission works

The commissions meets at least four times a year. To fulfil our purpose, we seek to:

  • Act as ambassadors for local climate action;
  • Engage the public, private, third sector and the wider community to help improve understanding of the issues and the action that needs to be taken including leading the public conversation to shape a local, borough-wide climate strategy;
  • Build a better picture of existing climate action in the borough and use this to encourage further action; 
  • Help ensure that learning is shared, and opportunities to promote awareness and training opportunities are pursued; and
  • Produce public reports on climate topics including local progress in the face of the climate emergency.

Get involved

You can keep in touch through our social media channels including on twitter and facebook or by emailing 

You can also make a pledge via the Warrington-wide ‘Commitments to Act’ campaign to help inspire others to play their part and do their bit.