The Community Right to Bid allows communities to nominate buildings or land which are important to them for listing as 'Assets of Community Value'.

If successfully listed communities are then afforded an opportunity, and the time, to bid to buy the assets in the event they are put up for sale. The initiative was introduced by the Localism Act 2011.

An asset can be listed if it can be demonstrated that its primary use furthers (or has recently furthered) the community's social well-being or social interests (which include cultural, sporting or recreational interests) and is likely to continue doing so in the future. Nominating parties must have a local connection with the area and therefore the asset.

We have a duty to maintain a list of land in Warrington that has been concluded as being of community value, as well as a list of unsuccessful nominations.

Further information on any individual nomination, including a location plan, can be accessed by entering the unique reference number within the 'planning reference' search feature of the council's online application portal.

If you wish to nominate an asset to be considered for inclusion on the list of Assets of Community Value you should complete and submit the nomination application form, which should be filled in having regard to the nomination guidance note.

Further information on the Community Right to Bid, and other community rights, is available from the My Community Rights Government sponsored website. Some frequently asked questions are also included within the councils nomination guidance note.

4 January 2023