If you wish to keep a dangerous wild animal, as listed in the Schedule to the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976, you must obtain a Dangerous Wild Animals Licence from us.

The Act's provisions do not apply to any dangerous wild animals kept in zoos, a circus, or premises licensed as a pet shop or a registered scientific establishment.  

If you're considering owning a hybrid of a dangerous wild animal with domestic cats and dogs, please get in touch with Animal Health and Licensing within Trading Standards via tradingstandards@warrington.gov.uk, who can advise you further.

We grant licences with general licence conditions. However, where appropriate, additional licence conditions may be attached when we issue a licence. 

Businesses will need to comply with these conditions:

How to apply

If you haven't previously been banned from keeping dangerous wild animals and are over 18, you can apply for a licence. Please fully complete the application form and gather together all additional documents (as stated on the application form) that you need to submit at the same time as your application.

Once completed, please email it to tradingstandards@warringtov.uk


Please note - we can't accept incomplete applications forms or applications that aren't accompanied by all the required documents. 

We'll contact you to take the fee once you submit the complete application along with the required documents. We'll then make arrangements for our inspector and nominated vet to visit your premises. An inspection of the premises where you want to keep the animal ensures that the accommodation, conditions, food and premises management are suitable and appropriate for the species and numbers you want to keep.  Following the inspection, we'll inform you if your application has been successful and detail any additional conditions that we need to add to the general licence conditions.

Fees and charges

Fee: £110.13.

This covers the cost of handling your application, carrying out an inspection and determining whether or not a licence should be granted. 

In each case, you'll be required to pay the costs of the Veterinary Surgeon visit regardless of a successful application or not. The licence is valid for two years from the date of issue.

Please note that the current fee structure is under review and a new fee will be introduced in April 2022.


You can appeal if you've been refused a licence or you're a licence holder and unhappy with a condition attached to your licence. If you're planning to appeal, please contact the Inspecting Officer in the first instance to discuss the grounds of your appeal. Appeals to the local Magistrates Court should be made within 21 days of receiving our decision.

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