Warrington has over 130 polling stations in operation on polling day. Presiding Officers and Poll Clerks work inside these stations and are responsible for the conduct of the ballot and making sure that the proper procedures for voting are followed.

Poll Clerks assist the Presiding Officer who oversees the polling station. To become a Presiding Officer you must have previous experience as a Poll Clerk.

On polling day, staff are required to work from 6.30am until shortly after 10pm without leaving the polling station.

All staff employed to work at a polling station must attend a training session a few weeks before the poll which will be arranged with you by the elections team upon appointment. We will tell you in your appointment what type of training you will need to undertake.

The Roles

Presiding Officer: (you must have previous experience as a Poll Clerk)

  • overall responsibility and organisation of the polling station
  • supervision of the Poll Clerk(s) at the polling station
  • attend training sessions and briefings provided by Electoral Services
  • checking the ballot box and its contents prior to election day
  • transport of the ballot box, polling booths and contents to the polling station
  • account for, and be responsible for all ballot papers issued and un-issued
  • check and mark electors' electoral numbers in the register of electors and on the corresponding numbers lists
  • deliver the ballot box and associated paperwork to the count location (usually at Birchwood Tennis Centre).

You must have your own vehicle to transport the ballot box and polling booths to the polling station and to the count venue. A mobile phone is also required.

Poll Clerk:

  • to follow instruction from and assist the Presiding Officer
  • help in the preparation of the polling station prior to 7am
  • check and mark electors' electoral numbers in the register of electors and on the corresponding numbers lists
  • issue ballot papers to voters
  • attend training sessions and briefings provided by Electoral Services.

The hours of poll are 7am to 10pm but you must be at the polling station no later than 6.30am. You will be working a 16 hour day so you must bring your own refreshments and take appropriate breaks (as directed by the Presiding Officer) throughout the day to avoid tiredness. Polling station staff are not permitted to leave the premises during hours of poll.

Verification/Counting Assistant:

  • verify the number of ballot papers in the ballot boxes that have been returned from polling stations
  • sort the verified ballot papers for individual candidates  
  • follow instructions from supervisors  
  • counting of the votes after verification

The length of time the count takes will depend on the number of ballot papers to sort and if there are any recounts. You must be prepared to stay as long as it takes till it is completed including possible recounts. This can be a pressurised environment and the greatest of care has to be taken to ensure that mistakes are not made.

Postal Vote Opening Assistant:

  • open and sort the postal votes received each day
  • preparing the valid postal votes ready for the count
  • follow instructions from supervisors. 

 Opening sessions take place over a number of days two weeks prior to election day


To undertake election duties you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be entitled to work in the UK (in accordance with the provisions of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996) and you must provide proof of right to work in the UK with the required evidence upon application
  • All staff must not work on behalf of a candidate during an election campaign, nor be related to a prospective candidate
  • Polling and count staff must consent to working in excess of the normal working hours provided for by the working time directive

How to apply

We have numerous job roles available and would love to hear from you. If you are interested in becoming involved. Please email elections@warrington.gov.uk with your name(s), contact number and which position(s) you are interested in. 

We are encouraging people who are in Covid bubbles to apply for positions together to help us to reduce household mixing within Polling Stations.

If you have been a Presiding Officer in the past and have someone within your bubble that could be your Poll Clerk we especially want to hear from you.