Public protection and prevention

Fees and Charges 2023 - 2024

Unless stated, VAT is 20%


Licensing and licences

Pre-application adviceFee (exc VAT)
Pre-application advice (Initial Consultation)£45
Street trading screening assessment (Initial Consultation)£45
Pre-application follow-up Advice (per hour or part hour thereof)£30
Training coursesFee (exc VAT)
Personal licence holder training course£137.92 per delegate
Licenced premises training course£15.91 per delegate
Street trading licenceFee (exc VAT)
Application fee£593
Final approval fee (upon successful application)£69
Street trader seasonal licence (3 weeks maximum)Fee (exc VAT)
Application fee£362
Final approval fee (upon successful application)£69
Street trader licence variation£217
Pavement café licenceFee (exc VAT)
Application fee£260
Final approval fee (upon successful application)£41
Pavement café licence transfer£75
Sex establishmentsFee (exc VAT)
Sex establishment licence (Local) miscellaneous provisions act 1982 
Application fee£1,553
Final approval fee (upon successful application)£383
Sex establishment licence renewal 
Application fee£365
Final approval fee (upon successful application)£82
Skin piercing licenceFee (exc VAT)
Initial application (Person & premises registration)£116.29
Register additional person / activity£87.22
Register additional premises£87.22
Amendment to existing registration certificate£29.07
Replacement registration certificate£29.07
Animal welfare - Dangerous wildFee (exc VAT)
Dangerous Wild Animal Licence*£110.13
Animal welfare - BoardingFee (exc VAT)
Boarding establishment - Licence application fee£290.01
Boarding establishment - Granting fee£174.57
Animal welfare - Home boardingFee (exc VAT)
Boarding establishment - Licence application fee£188.90
Boarding establishment - Granting fee£134.13
Animal welfare - Pet shopsFee (exc VAT)
Selling animals as pets licence - Application fee£290.01
Selling animals as pets Licence - Granting fee*£154.35
Animal welfare - Hiring horsesFee (exc VAT)
Hiring out horses licence - Application fee£404.69
Hiring out horses licence - Granting fee*£225.45
Animal welfare - Breeding dogsFee (exc VAT)
Breeding dogs licence (Less than 10 animals) - Application fee£344.03
Breeding dogs licence (Less than 10 animals) - Granting fee*£174.57
Breeding dogs licence (Greater than 10 animals) - Application fee£424.91
Breeding dogs licence (Greater than 10 animals) - Granting fee*£215.01
Animal welfare - Keeping or training animals for exhibitionFee (exc VAT)
Keeping or training of animals for exhibition licence - Application fee£290.01
Keeping or training of animals for exhibition licence - Granting fee*£174.57
Animal welfare - ZooFee (exc VAT)
Zoo Licence*£991.18
Replacement licence documents£15.00

*All charges are exclusive of veterinary fees. Any veterinary fees are charged in addition to the fees charged by us.

Scrap metalFee (exc VAT)
Scrap metal dealer collector licence£286.44
Scrap metal dealer site licence£409.09
Replacement licence documents£35

Trading standards

Approved motor trader schemeFee (exc VAT)Fee (inc VAT)
Initial joining fee£278.26£333.92
Renewal fee£173.40£208.08
Pre-sale inspection report pad£9 each£10.80 each
Servicing sheets pad£22.53 each£27.03 each
Signage (A3 landscape)£62.44 each£74.93 each
Vehicle decal (A4)£17.87 each£21.44 each
Fireworks & ExplosivesFee (exc VAT)
Fireworks licence - Fireworks Regulations 2004 (Sell all year) 
Explosives licence - Explosives Regulations 2014 (Restrictive times to sell) 
Licence & renewals (0m SD and >0m SD)Set by Health & Safety Executive, view the list of fees.
Talks & LecturesFee (exc VAT)Fee (inc VAT)
Trading Standards Lectures (subject specific)£71.06 per hour£85.27 per hour
Other non-statutory services
(per hour or part hour thereof)
Fee (exc VAT)Fee (inc VAT)
Trading Standards Officer£56.09£67.31 per hour
Environmental Health Officer£56.09£67.31 per hour
Technical Officer / Enforcement Officer£49.03£58.84 per hour
Financial Investigation ConsultancyFee (exc VAT)
Authorities in North-west Region£45 per hour
Authorities Outside North-west Region & Non TSD£50 per hour

Business compliance

Deaths & BurialsFee (exc VAT)
Public health funeral administration (per hour or part hour thereof)£33.34
ExportsFee (exc VAT)
Export certificates£67.52 each
Private water suppliesFee (exc VAT)Fee (inc VAT)
Private Water Supply Sampling Visit**
(maximum 3 hour duration per visit)
Private Water Supply Risk Assessment£171.70-
Private Water Supply Activity - Additional Hours
(per hour or part thereof)
Food & Water Sampling Request**
(per hour or part thereof)
**All charges are exclusive of laboratory fees. Any laboratory fees are charged in addition to the fees charged by us.
Authority partnershipsFee (exc VAT)
Primary authority partnership (per hour or part hour thereof)£70
Food safety inspectionsFee (exc VAT)Fee (inc VAT)
Food Safety Advisory Visit - Existing Business
(maximum 2 hour duration per visit)
Food Safety Advisory Visit - New Business
(maximum 2 hour duration per visit)
Food Safety Inspection - Revisit
(per hour or part thereof over 2 hours duration of initial visit)
Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Re-Inspection£182.69£219.23

Environmental protection and planning

High hedges servicesFee (exc VAT)
High hedge enquiry application£500
Environmental / Contaminated land search
Site is Equivalent to one house size
Fee (exc VAT)Fee (inc VAT)
Site only£94.72£113.66
Site and within 250m of site boundary£189.44£227.33
Site and within 500m of site boundary£236.80£284.16
Site and within 1000m of site boundary£307.84£369.40
Environmental / Contaminated land search:
Site is greater than one house size
Fee (exc VAT)Fee (inc VAT)
Site only£142.08£170.49
Site and within 250m of site boundary£260.48£312.57
Site and within 500m of site boundary£378.88£454.65
Site and within 1000m of site boundary£426.23£511.48
Contaminated land planning advice service
Document reviews and consultation
Fee (exc VAT)Fee (inc VAT)
Site Investigation Proposals£122.62£147.14
Preliminary Risk Assessment (PRA) Report£183.93£220.72
Generic Quantitative Risk Assessment (GQRA) Report£306.55£367.86
Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (DQRA) Report£490.48£588.58
Ground Gas Risk Assessment Report / Data£183.93£220.72
Detailed Ground Gas Risk Assessment Report / Data£367.86£441.43
Remediation / Validation Strategy Report£245.24£294.29
Detailed Remediation / Validation Strategy Report£367.86£441.43
Validation Report (Single Residential Plot)£122.62£147.14
Validation Report£429.17£515
Materials Management Plan (MMP) Report£429.17£515
Telephone Consultation (up to one hour)£61.31£73.57
Virtual Consultation (up to one hour using MS Teams platform)£61.31£73.57
Additional hours Consultation (per hour or part thereof)£61.31£73.57
Petroleum servicesFee (exc VAT)Fee (inc VAT)
Petroleum tank search£80.64£96.77
Petroleum licence to keep petrol (Consolidation Regulations, 2014)  
Less than 2,500 litres£46-
2,500-50,000 litres£62-
More than 50,000 litres£131-
Petroleum licence transfer (Consolidation Regulations, 2014)£8.49-
Copies of public register Environmental Protection Act 1990Fee (exc VAT)Fee (inc VAT)
Copies of Public Register Entries£4.74 + 38p per sheet£5.69 + 46p per sheet
Administration Charge for Officer Time > 15mins
(cost per hour or part hour thereof on pro rata basis)
Copy of Master List of Part A & B Process Operators£52.63£63.16
Discharge of planning conditionsFee (exc VAT)
Discharge of Planning Condition Review (Contaminated Land)£116 per application
Discharge of Planning Condition Review (Other)£116 per application
Discharge of Planning Condition Review (Householder)£34 per application
Private sewers work in defaultFee (exc VAT)Fee (inc VAT)
Minimum Charge Per Property£41.52£49.82
Agreed Private Sewer MaintenanceActual Cost +10%Actual Cost +10%
Statutory Private Sewer MaintenanceActual Cost +25%Actual Cost +25%
Landfill / Mining monitoring servicesFee (exc VAT)
Monitoring of Mining or Landfill (Partially or Wholly Active Site)£397
Monitoring of Mining or Landfill (Inactive Site)£132
Noise monitoring servicesFee (exc VAT)Fee (inc VAT)
Installation of noise monitoring equipment£350£420
Non-statutory Service Officer Hourly Rates
(per hour or part hour thereof)
Fee (exc VAT)Fee (inc VAT)
Principal Officer£54.18£65.01 per hour
Environmental Protection Officer£47.36£56.83 per hour
Compliance Officer / Enforcement Officer£41.52£49.82 per hour

House in multiple occupation

House in multiple occupation (HMO)Fee (exc VAT)
New licence£459.38
Licence with CLAS membership (10% reduction)£413.44
Licence for charitable organisation (50% reduction)£229.69
Licence variation£44.29

Caravan sites

Caravan sitesFee (exc VAT)
Initial caravan inspection£303.85
Caravan site licence (Less than 5 caravans)£103
Caravan site licence (More than 5 caravans)£191.58
Licence transfer/variation - Major change£186.43
Licence transfer/variation - Minor change£44.29
Deposit of caravan site rules£64.89
Fit and proper persons test£195.70
22 May 2024