Household Support Fund – 2023/24

The government has announced a further extension to the Household Support Fund, to cover the period from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

The funding is an extension of the Household Support Fund and has been allocated by the Department for Work and Pensions to Warrington Borough Council, who will use it to support those in need from three specific groups.  

  1. Parents with children
  2. Those individuals on the lowest of incomes
  3. Pensioners within our community

In line with the government’s advice, the eligibility for Warrington’s Household Support Fund will be:

  • Parents whose children are in receipt of free school meals and are claiming a qualifying benefit
  • Individuals in receipt of Council Tax Support or Housing Benefit (in the current financial year)
  • Pensioners in receipt of either:
    • Pension Credit (Savings Credit or Guarantee Credit)
    • Council Tax Support or Housing Benefit

The government has asked us to particularly encourage carers and disabled residents who meet the eligibility criteria, and who have been affected by the increases to the cost of living, to apply.

Previous Recipients of Household Support Fund

If you received Household Support Fund over winter 2022/23, you will not need to apply for Household Support Fund 2023/24, you will automatically be included in the fund and will receive your payments.

When will the awards be made?

We will make the first award to cover the Easter school holidays which will be £20 per eligible recipient and the second payment in late May 2023 (which will also be £20 per eligible recipient). Further payments are provisionally scheduled for:

  1. Summer Holiday 2023 (beginning of school holidays) - £25 per eligible recipient
  2. Summer Holiday 2023 (end of school holidays) - £25 per eligible recipient
  3. October 2023 (half-term holiday) - £20 per eligible recipient
  4. Christmas 2023 - £40 per eligible recipient
  5. February 2024 (half-term holiday) - £20 per eligible recipient
  6. Easter 2024 - £20 per eligible recipient

We will pay a minimum of £190 per eligible recipient, over the 12 month window of Household Support Fund 2023/24. These payments are not a loan (you will never be asked to repay them) and they do not affect your eligibility for any other benefit you may receive.

You can choose to receive your payments directly into your bank account (by BACS transfer) or you can choose to receive your payments electronically or paper vouchers (which we send to you either by email or post - you go to the Post Office to redeem those vouchers).

How to apply 

Apply nowNew applicants (who have not previously received Household Support Fund payments) who successfully apply using the online application form, will receive their payments as outlined above.

If you have any questions, email