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There are certain stages of work which need an inspection:

  • Commencement of work
  • Excavation of foundations before concreting
  • Site concrete or floor slab (before being laid)
  • Drains (before backfilling)
  • Completion of project

To make an inspection request, you need to tell us:

  • Date required for inspection (Request before 10:00am for same day inspections)
  • The name and telephone number of the contact on site
  • The Inspection type
  • Information for the type of inspection you want

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If you need to contact the Planning team, please visit the Planning section of our website we cannot reply to questions for the Planning team.

You can contact our Building Control team by sending us a message or calling us, our offices are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

You can call the Building Control team on 01925 442554

Planning questions

Our Building Control team cannot reply to planning questions you'll need to get in touch with our Planning team. Please visit the Planning section of our website.

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