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Warrington’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy, called “Living Well in Warrington”, sets out our plan for Warrington to be a place where people all work together to improve our collective health and wellbeing.

Our strategy focuses on how we can address inequalities, while dealing with challenges such as the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis, and the climate emergency.

One vision, three outcomes, eight priorities, twelve ambitions

The strategy has three core aims for Warrington to be a place where:

  • Children are given the best start in life and can fulfil their potential.
  • Adults can work and live fulfilling lives, in a vibrant and healthy borough.
  • Older people enjoy a healthy, independent, and fulfilling old age, feeling safe and connected within their communities.


More about the strategy

We have a summary, full or an easy read version of the 2024-2028 strategy.


Our Health and Wellbeing Strategy summary 



Living Well in Warrington

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