Cllr Maureen Creaghan is the 137th Mayor and first citizen of Warrington.

Maureen was born in Warrington and has lived here all her life. She was married to her late husband Bernard for 45 years until he passed away in 2018. She has two daughters and four grandchildren.

Maureen has worked in her community for many years. She has been a school governor for 20 years, specialising in safeguarding and special needs children. She is her Parish’s safeguarding representative, appointed by the Diocese of Shrewsbury. In the past, Maureen was a youth worker, taking many young people to Lourdes each year and helping the sick and vulnerable members in her Diocese. She is passionate about young people with special educational needs and has taken on training with the ADHD Foundation to help provide additional support to teachers, parents and their children.

Maureen became a councillor in 2001 and, along with her fellow councillors, has spent the last two decades and beyond championing the needs of her communities. Maureen is a councillor in the Poulton South Ward with Colin Froggatt, working as an admirable team listening to and supporting the needs of their residents. Maureen is also a member of Poulton with Fearnhead Parish Council.

Maureen is also Warrington’s Older People’s Champion working with other towns’ champions in the North West, sharing good practice for our older people. Along with her colleagues, she has hosted a Memory Walk over the past few years, raising awareness of dementia sufferers and their families.

Maureen and her brother, John Nunnerly, had a wonderful time as Deputy Mayor and Consort, and it was an honour meeting so many lovely people.

They attended numerous events and functions during the year including: the Latchford duck race on the River Mersey, opening Bent’s Christmas Bonanza with Matthew Bent, welcoming the Duke of Lancashire Regiment on their return to the Peninsula Barracks in Warrington, attending the Christmas ‘sing along’ with the band of the 75th Royal Engineers and the children of Beamont Primary School, and an evening of prayer for the homeless.

As the Older Peoples’ Champion, Maureen contacted Warrington care homes to offer assistance wherever possible, as part of the council’s support in dealing with the COVID crisis.

Mayor’s Charities

The charities Maureen will be supporting as Mayor of Warrington are:

  • Forget Me Not Unit at Warrington Hospital – caring for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • JUMP – providing photograph and film memories for children with terminal and life limiting illness in North West England and Wales.
  • Lifetime – providing support and services for elderly residents.
  • PAPYRUS – a charity supporting the prevention of young suicide.

Events and engagements

The Mayor attends hundreds of events every year, both inside the town and across the country, acting as a representative for Warrington. You can take a look at events the Mayor attends on Facebook and Twitter. You can also invite the Mayor to an event.

The Mayor's role and history

The formal election of the Mayor takes place during the annual meeting of the council, usually in May. The term of office lasts for one year. A Deputy Mayor is appointed to assist the Mayor throughout the year and it is usual for the deputy to succeed to the Mayor the following year.