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The Mayor attends lots of events and engagements every year, both inside the town and across the country, acting as a representative for Warrington.

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Cllr Jean Flaherty is the 138th Mayor and first citizen of Warrington. She is the 13th woman to be Mayor of Warrington.

Since being elected to the council in May 2016, Jean has served as Chair of the council’s ‘Building stronger communities’ committee and has been heavily involved in the development of the Central 6 Masterplan, as well as continuing to volunteer in her own community and develop a network of community groups across the town.

About the Mayor

Jean was born in the Fairfield and Howley ward of Warrington and, while Jean has moved around the town over the years, she returned to live in Fairfield and Howley in 1991. Jean is married to her husband, Terry Flaherty, who will be her Mayoral Consort. Jean and Terry share three children, five grandchildren and a great granddaughter.

Jean’s IT career saw her travel in America, Canada and Europe for work purposes before retiring at the age of 53 and settling back in Warrington. She began her career as an Office Junior, employed by the then Winwick and Newchurch Hospital Management Committee. She then transferred to working in communications in the late 1970s, before retiring in 2007 from her position as Managing Director of a UK subsidiary of a German software designer.

After many years of volunteering in her local community, Jean decided to stand for the role of councillor in the Fairfield and Howley ward working alongside fellow ward councillors, Tony Higgins and Sagheer Zaman. Jean thoroughly enjoys the community aspect of her role and listening to and supporting the needs of local residents.

In recent years, her work has focused on community development, communication and the environment. Jean helped to drive forward the council’s investment in revitalising the successful Pavilion Tea Rooms in St. Elphin’s Park, funding two refurbishments over five years which has resulted in a successful community offering in the heart of Fairfield and Howley.

The work in the park led to the development of the Friends of Friends Network, bringing together groups who volunteer in the community to improve the environment or provide activities for others. Jean followed this group development by co-ordinating the Warrington Crafters who have worked on large projects that have been displayed at the Town Hall over the last few years. She is also involved with the Litter Network, having supported the CLEAN initiatives in 2017 and 2022.

Jean and Terry were able to enjoy a small number of activities during their year as Deputy Mayor and Consort, but of course, these were limited due to the coronavirus pandemic. A particular highlight was visiting local resident, Julia, who celebrated her 108th birthday on 23 May 2021, who told Jean that she had stolen her job!

During her Mayoral year, Jean will continue to participate in the Warrington Fostering Panel and Corporate Parenting Forum, as well as supporting many volunteering groups where she is an active member.

Mayor’s Charities

The charities Jean will be supporting as Mayor of Warrington are:

The Mayor's role and history

The formal election of the Mayor takes place during the annual meeting of the council, usually in May.

The term of office lasts for one year. A Deputy Mayor is appointed to assist the Mayor throughout the year and it is usual for the Deputy to succeed to the Mayor the following year.

Cllr Graham Friend is the Deputy Mayor for 2022-23.


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