Avian flu cases confirmed in Britain

An Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) has been declared across the country.

Two confirmed cases of H5N1 – the highly pathogenic avian influenza in captive birds – were announced earlier this month, resulting in the declaration of an AIPZ.

This means that all bird keepers across the country, whether they have pet birds, commercial flocks, or just a few birds in a backyard flock, are required by law to follow a range of biosecurity precautions.

The current AIPZ does not include a requirement to house birds, though this is being kept under constant review.

With the increased risk of bird flu during the winter, the need to include a mandatory housing requirement in the AIPZ may happen, so all bird keepers and owners should be prepared for this.

To assist all bird keepers in complying with the new rules, DEFRA has updated the biosecurity guidance and self-assessment checklists. Bird keepers and owners are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the checklists and the measures that apply in the AIPZ in England.

If you require any further specific advice that you cannot find on the DEFRA website, please email tradingstandards@warrington.gov.uk.

16 August 2023