Changes to postal votes

Warrington’s local elections are on Thursday 2 May, and new postal voting rules and requirements for all councils have been introduced.  


Residents are strongly encouraged to send in their postal votes by Royal Mail, though there are a few options to physically hand in postal votes.

Handing in your postal vote to council offices

Only reception at the council’s 1 Time Square offices and Warrington Town Hall will be able to accept handed in postal vote packs, during normal office hours (8.30am - 4.30pm at the Town Hall and 8.45am - 5pm at 1 Time Square).

If you are handing in a postal pack, you also need to fill in a form, but staff at reception will be on hand to help if required.

This means that anyone handing postal packs in will need to complete a “postal vote hand in form” and, only when that’s completed, can the postal pack be accepted.  

Our reception areas will have notices above letterboxes at 1 Time Square and the Town Hall to discourage electors from posting their vote without first completing a hand in form.

Handing in your postal vote on polling day

On polling day (Thursday 2 May), postal packs can be handed in at any polling station in the borough, where a hand in form must be completed for it to be accepted.

To find out more about the local elections in Warrington, visit: