Birchwood Park Chadwick House

Following plans set out by Great British Nuclear (GBN) which aim to drive the expansion of nuclear power at an unprecedented scale, the council has celebrated Warrington’s nuclear credentials and hailed the impact the town continues to have in the sector.


Announced on Tuesday 18 July, companies can register their interest with GBN - an arms-length body responsible for driving the delivery of new nuclear projects - to participate in a competition to secure funding, which will be used to develop small modular reactor (SMR) technologies and products.

Unlike conventional reactors that are built on site, SMRs are smaller, can be made in factories and have the potential to transform how power stations are built by making construction faster, and less expensive.

Alongside this competition, a £157 million funding package has been confirmed, which aims to support companies to accelerate nuclear development.

Of this funding package, £58 million has been made available for the development and design of a new advanced modular reactor (AMR) technology that can operate at higher temperatures.

Part of this £58 million allocation will see Warrington-based National Nuclear Laboratory benefit from a £15 million contribution to accelerate the design of a high-temperature reactor. The National Nuclear Laboratory has a base at Birchwood Park, which is owned by the council.

Warrington Borough Council’s Chief Executive, Professor Steven Broomhead MBE, said: “We welcome this funding package from Great British Nuclear which has the potential to benefit a number of our Warrington-based nuclear businesses, who have a strong track record of being at the forefront of nuclear technology.

“More funding for our local businesses means more opportunities to research and develop nuclear technologies, in turn securing more highly-skilled jobs in the borough.

“If new nuclear technologies are developed in the right way, they have a strong part to play alongside renewables like solar and wind in helping us achieve our national net zero ambitions.

“We therefore welcome the funding packages that have been allocated to the National Nuclear Laboratory and other businesses in the region. This funding is equally important recognition of the leadership role Warrington has to play in developing the next generation of nuclear technology.”

17 August 2023