A picture showing children performing one of each of the ten key activities

The council has pledged to support children to learn, discover and explore in even more ways, as part of a borough-wide initiative.

The Ten by Ten scheme aims to encourage all children in Warrington to take part in ten life-enhancing activities by the time they are ten. The activities will help children to try new things and open their eyes to new opportunities.

A picture showing children performing one of each of the ten key activities

Ten by Ten therefore seeks to support every ten year old to have the chance to:

  • Join in a team sport
  • Play an instrument
  • Learn to swim
  • Take part in drama and performing arts
  • Visit the seaside and the countryside
  • Experience museums, galleries and heritage sites
  • Take part in camping trips and overnight residential activity
  • Learn to ride a bike
  • Take part in debating
  • Use a library

The implementation of Ten by Ten in Warrington will be led by the council, but delivered through a joint approach with partners including schools, community groups, parish and town councils, local charities and other third sector organisations.

Whilst a lot of the Ten by Ten activities are already being delivered locally by the council, schools and other partners, these will be recognised and promoted under the Ten by Ten banner, so that the full ‘menu’ of activities can be easily accessed by children in Warrington.

The Ten by Ten initiative will also focus on supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds and other targeted groups to access each of the ten key activities. The scheme will consider how barriers to participation can be removed so that any child in the borough can take part.

Cabinet member for children’s services, Cllr Sarah Hall, said: “I’m delighted that we will begin to roll out the Ten by Ten initiative, so that we can open the door for even more of our children to access a wide range of different activities and opportunities.

“Whatever their background, every child should have the chance to take part in activities that open their eyes to new ideas and opportunities. For children to thrive they need challenge, support and experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom. In Warrington, we believe that these experiences should be equally available to all no matter where they live.

“With this in mind, we will now press forward with this initiative, to map existing provision across the borough, review access to these activities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and work with our partners to develop the visibility of activities that sit within the Ten by Ten programme.”

16 August 2023