Pepper street

The council has thanked residents for helping to shape plans for the refurbishment of the stone setts on Pepper Street in Lymm, and has laid out next steps.

Pepper Street, which sits within a conservation area in Lymm village centre, contains a sett paved area, which is in poor condition. In addition, the existing inspection chamber covers and gully gratings on the street are of an older style and unsuitable for modern traffic.

Almost 250 people took part in a consultation last autumn, aimed at getting local views on the best refurbishment options for the stone setts. The majority of respondents said they would like to see the road reconstructed with reclaimed setts.

The council is now moving forward to the detailed planning stage for the refurbishment project. This will take some months, as the reclaimed setts – of the right type and size – will need to be sourced.

As part of this planning stage, the council must also liaise with utilities companies to ensure disruption is minimised as much as possible when the work is carried out, and utilities will need time to undertake any essential works before the refurbishment project begins.

Other considerations for the council are maintaining access to the car park, ensuring important community on-street activities – such as Lymm Transport Day – can go ahead as usual, and planning for as much of the heavy work as possible to take place during school holidays.

Cabinet member for transportation, highways and public realm, Cllr Hans Mundry, said: “We’d like to thank everyone who shared their views on the refurbishment of the stone setts on Pepper Street.

“Residents made it clear that their preferred option is for the look and feel of the surface to be retained with reclaimed setts, and it’s this option we’ll be moving forward with.

“We are keen to carry out the refurbishment works as soon as we can, to prevent further deterioration and ensure the longevity of the surface. However, this section of Pepper Street is an important part of Lymm’s conservation area, and it’s vital we take the time to get it right.

“We thank everyone for their patience while we proceed to the detailed planning stage for the project which, once complete, will bring big long term benefits for the area, providing a high quality surface for many years to come.”

Pepper street

Pepper Street, Lymm